When torture and abuse is OK !

You know.. as a society.. we have certain rules by which we all are suppose to live by..

A certain part of our society is against “aggressive interrogation techniques”, torture or other means of getting information from terrorists that are out to kill innocent people.

We have laws against mental/physical abusing a spouse.. in some states even a domestic same sex partner.

Of course, you can’t abuse a child.. some even believe that spanking is a form of child abuse…

There are even laws on the books that it is against the law to abuse a corpse.

Yet in the corporate world…. mental abuse – to the point that physical symptom manifests itself… typically goes unnoticed, unpunished.

Recently in NC.. where there is a 12 hr max work day and mandatory breaks and Rx count above 150/shift is considered dangerous.. the BOP chose to give a chain a WARNING LETTER – one notch above doing nothing…  Over a PIC closing a drive thru window.. because at the end of 7 hrs .. had verified 300 Rxs.. and not had the mandatory break.. and was scheduled to work 14 hrs on this particular day.. and the RPH was DOWN one technician…

Now in another state… a 60 y/o PIC/RPH had been in MS remission for 10 yrs.. when the corporate demands… became so stressful that remission was quickly gone…. now 11 months later.. he is slowly regaining his quality of life.

From emails that I get… this is just not the aberrant behavior of just one chain.. although they may well be the “poster child” for employee abuse… but seems to be pervasive throughout our business culture..

It is normal for a corporation to have a “hostile work environment” in their Policy and Procedures Manual… does inducing such a stress level.. that it results in an employee developing physical symptoms…  a HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT ?

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  1. Until corporations are held legally accountable for public safety issues in the pharmacy, little will change.

    It will be interesting to see how the changes in Oregon will affect the working environment there. If the BOP enforces their new regs it could be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Pharmacists must keep pressure on their BOPs to keep the public safe.

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