when are health practitioners going to have their feet held to the fire ?

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  1. Omg. The experiences I’ve since the first of Jan 2022 have been insane. I saw a new dr who doesn’t know the meaning of palliative care. He thinks that means dying. He cut my dose by 95% causing me to be distress crisis mode.
    My son who’s had complications of post lyme disease in which he is also declared palliative, his physician is retiring. I made him an appt early not waiting and searching for him a new dr before his prescriptions are out. One office called me today and I’m sorry I had to let my frustrations on them. I told them palliative care does not mean a patient is dying and WHY are these patients being under-treated? She said new laws. I called BS. I reminded her that CDC has admitted those guidelines were misinterpreted and misapplied! That aren’t any such laws that these physicians are ignoring patients pain and should not have fear! Btw 2022 updates to physicians treating chronic pain are coming out this month and they have told drs to treat pain properly and that each patient is to be treated individually but we knowmost drs wont change because theyre making bank on procedures that harm not help. I have also noticed that these FL physicians are only giving new abuse deterrent formulas instead of lower cost meds that actually are much more effective. I had to pay $68 dollars for garbage. The low dose that received not only ineffective and caused me to be crisis cost more than all 8 drugs that I have taking for pain, bp and sugar combined. There is No common sense in this mess. I am currently writing all representatives, senators and governor right now. They will all be removed come November in AL. The man running for Governor Dean Odle, I have been talking directly with about pain care issues, I have shared many articles, facts and deaths with him since last summer. He gets it. If he wins, things are changing! I just pray he wins. I’m supposed to be campaigning for him but I cant get out of bed but I hope to again soon. Please?! If anyone reads this and lives in Alabama, PLEASE Vote for Dean Odle for Alabama Governor in November. We need representatives that know the truth. This communist state and country needs to be stopped in its tracks! We want Medical Freedom Again. We want our doctor patient relationships back again. Right now draconian federal government has many governors in their pockets.

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