What is a whistleblower?

Recently Joe Zorek filed a lawsuit against CVS using the whistleblower law… not familiar with the law I looked it up at wikipedia and here is the definition


Most whistleblowers are internal whistleblowers, who report misconduct on a fellow employee or superior within their company. One of the most interesting questions with respect to internal whistleblowers is why and under what circumstances people will either act on the spot to stop illegal and otherwise unacceptable behavior or report it.[6] There is some reason to believe that people are more likely to take action with respect to unacceptable behavior, within an organization, if there are complaint systems that offer not just options dictated by the planning and control organization, but a choice of options for absolute confidentiality.[7]

It would appear any time that there is Federal monies involved and something illegal being done.. this statue would seem to apply…

Since the FEDS directly or indirectly pay for ~ 50% of all Rxs… there is little question that the typical Rx dept may be at risk…

If Joe prevails… this could be landmark ruling…  Since we all know/understand that PBM’s/Insurance reimbursement is a underlying cause of the under staffing and dangerous Rx volumes… does the McCarren/Ferguson Act exempt them from this statue like it does the Sherman Antitrust Act… could be a interesting concept.

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