Torturous healthcare…. AMERICAN STYLE ?

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I had ALL of my teeth cut out today and was fitted for dentures which has led to EXCRUCIATING pain. Because I receive Tramadol from my pain management doc for my back, hips, etc., the oral surgeon and oncologist could NOT give me ANYTHING for pain after pulling all those teeth and fitting the dentures. All they could do was to give me extra shot

s of Novocaine which lasted about an hour. Both of them feel so bad that they keep calling me at home to see how I am doing and to apologize for not being able to prescribe anything for me. I “jokingly” told them I wish I knew where I could get something stronger since they are the only things that actually help with the pain but of course they couldn’t say anything but sheepishly laugh a little. Still, it was nice that they felt bad for me and at least wanted to check on me to see how I’m doing after that horrible ordeal. I was ok until I started waking up from the deep anesthetic then once the Novocaine started wearing off, that is when the shit hit the fan (They both knocked me completely out and gave me loads of Novocaine.) (I have pictures but they are disgusting as hell to post without specific request. There was a whole lot

of cutting and stitching done. I’m glad this forum is here. I may not be able to get any relief from my excruciating pain but at least I (sometimes) get a sympathetic ear and get to blow off steam and vent my frustrations from being in so much pain all the time.

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  1. Who or what part of government has the power to change this torture and terrorism ? If we all had the name/names of those responsible for the torture campaign, we could protest, flood with letters and calls.
    What about majority rule to repeal laws or powers not voted on or endorsed by the public ?? The CDC was supposed to be in charge of diseases, and look at how the Lyme pandemic was/is dealt with ?
    Because Of “past” crimes against humanity, [Holocaust, other Genocides], why can’t everyone including current politicians from everywhere, demand an instant halt on this murderous abuse now before a combustion of rage erupts and more damage is done.

    Where are all the politicians elected to uphold the constitution; how does a president who vows to uphold the constitution get in twice, after secretly taking away the rights of a vulnerable group ?

    Why was this constitutional crime kept secret and rewarded ???
    Someone told me that presidents don’t have that much power but this doesn’t seem to be true. And what about Congress ??
    We are in a state of emergency. How can I get names of every politician and representative opposed-to this crime of torture imposed on the poor, or soon to be poor due to dissed ability ??

  2. OMG,,,THEE exact same happen to me,,however,,,,mine was done almost 7 years ago,,,when Pain management was still 1/2 functional,,,my doc at the time,,,my P.M,,doc,,stated and called my dentist/surgeoun,,,,and told him,,,I WAS NOT TO TAKE MY PAIN MEDS FOR THE PAIN IN MY GUMS,,,,SAME HAPPEN’D W/MY PANCREATITS,,,,,,,, so i was given a 10 day supply for the pain from my teeth being yanked and my gallbladder surgery,,,WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!! for if u take your pain meds from something other then your C.P.,,, then u go thru them tooo quick,,thus your out early,,,,,sooo,,,my doc,,,before dea,cdc,Dr.Government,,,,stated and called my surgeon to tell them,,I was NOT,,, to take my MEDICINE for the physical pain caused from getting dentures or pancreatits/gallbladder surgery!!!!!!!!!THIS WHY DR.GOVERNMENT,,,,,,IS SOOO F—————- STUPID-INHUMANE!!!!!maryI

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