Today I enter a major new chapter in MY LIFE !

First it was 16… I could drive

18…. I could vote

21…. I could legally drink alcohol

35 … I could run for President of the US — but I don’t know why anyone would want to


This is a bitter/sweet day…

I no longer have to worry about Blue Cross Anthem deciding one day that they no longer wish to have me as an insured and summarily cancel my policy

If I wanted to move out of the state that I currently live in… I can.. because Medicare is a national program… they would have had to stick a gun to my head to make me sign up for one of those advantage program !

Presuming that Blue Cross would have raised my premiums the typical 15% this month… my health care premiums costs DROPPED ~ $850/month as of today and my deductible – for everything but medications is now $140/yr instead of $2500.00.. of course, there is the Part D deductibles/copays and “donut hole”.. Obviously, $850/month will go a long way toward paying those out of pocket expenses.

Then there is waiting on the Supreme Court to decide if Obamacare is legal or illegal… and how Congress is going to deal with the underfunding of Medicare in a longer term.

I am 18 months off  “the point” of the baby boomer generation… with the first of that generation being born Jan 1, 1946.

While I am going to wait until 70 to apply for Social Security… how many of us – from any generation – wonder how any of us can make plans for the future… when like us baby boomers… we are reaching the autumn of our lives.. only to find that part of our retirement program.. that we have – or should have – incorporated into our overall retirement plans.. is now being revised ..or potentially being revised.. and on one knows which way to turn…

My wife has been on Medicare disability since 1995  and my indy store was a large HME/DME provider.. so.. I have a good handle on how the system currently works…  but with the financial problems of the system… changes are going to have to be dynamic and numerous.

Could part of the problem that our economy is in the “crapper” because people are saving more and spending less preparing for the worse in the autumn of their lives because our politicians will not be transparent and truthful with any of us?

Those of us in healthcare will be facing numerous challenges in providing services and remaining profitable.. and those of us trying to utilize our healthcare system may find trouble getting many services.. without paying out of pocket..

Only time will tell ….

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