The hits keep coming

Here is legal paperwork from the Nevada BOP over a medication error.. I have extracted the page that is the response from the RPH.. He admitted that he made the mistake.. AND.. stated that the company (CVS) had previously asked him to do things ILLEGAL and that he had asked for additional staff ..which was denied… sound familiar???

I have stated this before.. and will state it again.. unless you express your concerns in writing to management and HR/CCO… they will come back and deny they heard anything… that is not how they understood what was said… deny.. deny… deny…

Every one on one conversation or expression of concern needs to be done or followed up with a email… closing each with a statement

“.. unless I hear from you otherwise.. I will consider my understanding ( of the conversation) is correct.

I would put money on the fact that this RPH had never done this.. and CVS will continue to deny anything said or any concerns expressed by this RPH over whatever time frame.

Be sure to read page 11 – of pdf – CVS DENIES that itself performed any act incompetently, direct, approved or condoned the actions alleged to have been taken by this RPH..

Fellow CVS RPH’s out there… CVS apparently keeps a BUS just around the corner from each store… ready to be brought out to throw you under.. If you don’t have your own professional liability insurance… GET IT… most will pay for some attorney’s fees to defend yourself… Given CVS’s response to this issue.. do you think that they are going to put out any money for this RPH to hire/pay for an attorney?  HELL.. they won’t even give you adequate staffing.. why would you think that they would take any money out of their pockets to help you defend yourself.

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