The consequences of denial of pain management ?

This pt suffered a Cardiovascular Accident/Stroke… which he contributes to his inability to continue to get the level of pain management therapy.. It is not a major leap between unmanaged pain… elevated stress… elevated blood pressure.. and other mental/physical stressors.

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  1. My blood pressures fine but suffering chronic pain for last 18+ years and being unable to fill rxs for medication that will ease it even a little bit has caused major depression and anxiety in my so-called “golden years” (I’m 64). My Dr is great about prescribing meds that will help but I can’t find pharmacy willing to fill them. I cannot drive anymore so I have to rely on others to take me to fill rxs. Asking for a ride is one thing but when trying to fill involves going to as many as 10 pharmacys I think it’s a little much to ask of someone. So add major depression causing suicidal thoughts and extreme anxiety to the list of “consequences of denial”.

  2. BINGO, my blood pressure goes sky high if my pain is not managed. One doctors answer was to just prescribe me a second blood pressure medicine, Lisinopril/Hctz 20/12.5 and Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg. Then when my pain was managed properly it dropped dangerously low. I passed out and bumped my head, 7 stitches and a massive headache later I no longer take both.

  3. I have consent elevated blood pressure (lower number). What long term effects will that have on my body? I also have read a study regarding brain damage from chronic pain, I have been experiencing substantial memory loss for the last 4 years (I am 44 years old and have had chronic pain for 8 yrs), not to mention the chronic depreasion i suffer from becauae if the pain not allowing me to be prosuctive and mother the way my children the way they deserve. My health care provider does not have any concerns about these side effects of my condition and simply says I do not want to make changes to your pain meds. Doctors need to be accountable for a minimum level of care as a building contractor is to quality of work and a mechanic is to make repairs.

    • Best advice get a new doctor. One thing you really need to do is get documents of why you have pain. Like ex rays, MRI, labwork, doctors notes, and the readings or results of the tests, sometimes doctors won’t tell you all they say. Like me I went in for chest x-rays and got the test report and found out that at some point I suffered from two fractured ribs. The doctor hasn’t told me this.

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