Sometimes it takes a complaint to the right person to get things done

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Also… if you are on Medicare or Medicaid file a grievance with or 800-MEDICARE

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  1. Received a Prior Authorization denial today for a medication that was discontinued for their 2018 formulary. It was denied in less than 2 hours from when it was received. I took your advise and called Humana and asked to speak to the HIPPA officer. She was a little confused so she transferred me to the PA department. Again asking for the HIPPA officer as well as the names and credentials for everyone accessing my records. She put me on hold for less than a minute then came back and told me it had been approved! WOW! It actually worked. I cannot thank you enough for this information. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  2. I have called my part D Medicare insurance plan, my Senator, my N.Y. Assemblyman, FDA, Office of the aging, Empire Justice inN.Y. , N.Y. Human Rights, and more advocates than I remember, including Disability Rights, one offered help, and now a human doesn’t even answer the phone. In the past, most said that they cannot help with anything concerning medications.

  3. Thanks Steve! As always, your relentless outpouring of great information is always greatly appreciated.

  4. This is very educational. Thank you for your knowledge.

  5. I will indeed save this! Thanks Steve!

  6. Amen on this one too Steve,,,,,Hopefully,,,,we have got the right ”buckaroo”,,,on our complaint,,,,,this time..
    Excellent info ,Steve,,,maryw

  7. Thank you Steve! This is the type of helpful info I love to share with everyone ✨

  8. Good info! 🙂

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