New 12 days of Xmas !

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  1. Have you lost your sense of humor RalPh? I bet you don’t watch SNL either. I do believe the higher premiums coming out of my paycheck in January are going to be real and painful. But wait! I have to pay my fair share for the millions of new Medicaid patients so they can get healthcare free. Maybe my “user error” is working for a living.

    • Fox news does real damage every day with their misinformation. If my premiums are a bit higher yet less fortunate people can get health insurance, I’m ok with that. How we treat our less fortunate people says much about our character as a person and as a nation.

    • aLso, anonymous, if you check it out, MANY of those Medicaid people DO work. They just dont get a living wage or health benefits. Others can’t find work. IT’S A FACT. We are very fortunate to make as much as we do.

  2. God, do I ever hate Faux News. Huckster is the most dishonest Christian, other than Pat Robertson and Santorum, that I know of.

    Fox loves to criticize OC but more and more stories are showing how the alleged problems with higher premiums and doctor choice are USER error or misunderstandings, not the law itself.

    Those with courage will look to the whole story. It’s not perfect but it’s a positive change.

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