Joe Biden promises to ‘cure cancer’ if elected president

I am not here for a political debate, only to direct readers to the facts. You are free to reach your own conclusions. I found Joe Biden’s “Plan to End the Opioid Crisis” here on his campaign’s website:

When I looked for a similar plan on President Trump’s campaign site, I did not find anything, but did find this: a record of his healthcare achievements, which includes a sub-head dedicated to opioids:

I read the above page on opioidcrisis and it is about 4000 words and abt 95%+ was about opiate addiction and the remaining mentioned the use of less addicting pain meds and various other alternative therapies.  Biden wants treatment for alcohol abuse as well, but not a single word about Nicotine abuse that kills about 450,000/yr.

As I finished reading that page, I came to the conclusion that the campaign’s opinion that there is little difference between opiate use/abuse and a pt taking opiates long term to help their address their unrelenting chronic pain and optimizing their QOL.   Biden’s position paper seems to blame just about everyone for the causing the abuse of opiates, except Congress that first created the “black drug market” with the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 and the Decade of pain law that Congress passed in 2000 and encouraged the adequate treatment of a pt’s pain and hospitals – in particular – were required to include a “pain question” on questionnaires pts were asked to submit in how they were treated during their hospital stay.

According to this person’ s IP address suggests that he is in the Seattle/Bellevue, Washington area, but he could be using a VPN and could be no where near there. His email domain  brings up a company that sells long term care insurance. I am not sure how many times he has read anything from my blog but I do know that this is the first time that he has taken time to post a comment.

According to this the state of Washington is one of the 16 BLUE WALL STATES… consistently vote democratic.

I try to educate and motivate the community to defend for themselves.  But anyone who believes that you can ignore what politicians and bureaucrats are doing.. especially when it is adversely impacting them… is extremely naive.

It is claimed that there are 100 million chronic pain pts and many believe that showing up for a demonstration/protest at a specific location a few times a year will hopefully cause change to happen.  When only a few dozen are able to make the demonstration the optics sort of reminds one of the old Wendy’s commercial   “where’s the beef” ?

Louisville, KY is in my “back yard” and that is where briona taylor was killed… when a no knock warrant and the cops showed up at the wrong house and she was shot EIGHT TIMES while she slept in her bed.   Nightly protests – involving hundreds/thousands – now in its THIRD MONTH, and what has changed in Louisville, KY.  There was three cops involved … one has been fired and two put on administrative reassignment.

The chief of police has resigned, but he had already announced that he was retiring before all these riots started happening. around 100 have been arrested and homicides are dramatically up.

Joe Biden promises to ‘cure cancer’ if elected president

then there is this little “promise” … The Americacn Cancer Society has been working on finding a cure for cancer for 107 yrs.. and Biden is going to make that happen in < 4 yrs … if he is elected President ?  What other promises that he is making are just “pipe dreams” ?

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  1. Both parties adhere to the propagenda against opioids. Because they both either were a part of creating it, or they believe the propaganda. The only thing to fight it is the fact that we teach on Doctorsofcourage–that drugs don’t cause addiction. But until people are ready to learn it, the suffering will continue. 1000 people have passed by the optin for a reminder of the next webinar on what will work that I will hold on Aug 31. Only 5 signed up to be reminded. That pretty much shows that people aren’t ready to do what will work yet. When they are, the key to success is there–on DoC.

  2. I agree completely Having “rally’s” with only a handful of people able to show isnt going to do anything..It will be seen as a nuisance more than anything else..Until we can get a “big gun” someone with a name or lawsuits won in favor of CPP Im not sure what can be done. I no these politicians are hell bent on being anti pain medicine..Im also sure they all have their Medicine cabinets stocked
    with pain meds for when they need them or a family member. Maybe if we could get 300 CPP able to function enough to destroy property and start fires . It sure worked for the “peaceful protests” in Portland,Chicago,New York to name a few.
    And the bonus is you dont get arrested!! Yup thats the future of GRAMPS being in the White House,when we all know he should be in the BIG HOUSE

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