is this a indication of the level of care that Kaiser Permanente provides to its pts ?

Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson dead at 60

Health care provider Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson died Sunday at the age of 60, FOX Business confirmed.

Tyson had been active on social media as of Saturday, after speaking at a gathering called AfroTech.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce that Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, unexpectedly passed away early today in his sleep. On behalf of our Board of Directors, employees and physicians, we extend our deepest sympathies to Bernard’s family during this very difficult time,” Kaiser Permanente told FOX Business in a statement.

The California-based health care organization described Tyson as “an outstanding leader, visionary and champion for high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.”

Kaiser Permanente’s board of directors named Gregory A. Adams, Executive Vice President and Group President, as interim Chairman and CEO effective immediately.

Bernard Tyson (Courtesy: Kaiser Permanente)

In 2013, Tyson became CEO of Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans serving 12.3 million members. Kaiser Permanente had roughly 9 million members when Tyson assumed the post.

During that same time, Tyson also grew revenue from $53 billion to more than $80 billion. He earned about $10 million in compensation in 2016, according to Modern Healthcare.

Tyson garnered praise during his time at the top of the health care provider, including his inclusion in TIME’s Health Care 50 for his work boosting community health in areas in need, like West Baltimore’s 21223 zip code.

His career at Kaiser Permanente began more than 30 years ago. He was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company is headquartered, and attended Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Most all of us have all heard of the horror stories of pt care that Kaiser provides.. especially chronic pain pts and those having to deal with subjective diseases.. In fact a letter was recently sent to pts that Kaiser will not longer prescribe certain classes of controlled substances and put a low limit on the mgs/day of opiates that a pt can have… regardless of the pt’s needs or conditions causing the pain.  Is it inconceivable that Mr Tyson would not be using Kaiser to provide for his healthcare ?

Here is the letter that Kaiser sent out just last month:

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  1. Sorry for the gentleman and his family. It should not be within the scope of ANY healthcare insurance provider to limit the dosage of the last, only, medication that a physician can prescribe for the patient when it is ….established that the patient will suffer for the rest of life without these medications that have come under fire. Dot/gov “should not” be in between the physician and the patient in the form of “control” , dosage wise,of medication when it has been established through documentation as the last resort for life, liberty, and a sense of purpose. The physician is the one that actually “sees” the patient, notates the result of the patients well being, monitors the overall health of the patient, and truly knows….the result of prescribing a dosage of medication that is efficient, sufficient, and producing positive results ……for the patient. $$$$ ALWAYS comes into play, yet MEDICATION for patients in an opiate form, synthetic medication based on coal, can be produced inexpensively and ease the literal suffering of Millions of people but the “experts”, who do not have continuous, intractable pain simply do not care. As far as “non profit”, a company can call “itself” non profit AFTER the paying the “help”, the regulators, of said company. Should said company be able to be titled as “non profit”? ??? Very misleading! My opinion only.

  2. Advanced Pain Care put out a similar letter. I believe it was last year.

    • Advance Pain Care in Wisco????We can thank that Krebbs study for this Bullshit..Intially u read that study via jama,,u think 100 me morphines,,then u start understanding they taper’d down to <50 me ,,claiming 15% of their research patients started at 50 me, essentially giving most of their research subject only what the cdc guidelines allowed,or less,Which is why all these reserch studies need to be video taped,forever.,,Well dahhh,,,no-one will get relief at these low level of opiate MEDICINES allowed anymore,,<90 me,,or 50 me,,,I got 1/2 the pain relief at 160 milligrams of medicine,,,,,thee only time I got full pain relief was when a tunnel catheter was place under my skin and medicine was injected directly where my physical pain was..Inject by me…via a screw on syringe..Thats was almost 16 years ago,,Never now a days would they send a patient home w/syringes full of medicine,,even though it worked 100%%,,

  3. I’d say Karma Bites.

  4. We have to reformulate profits for non-profits. $10 million earnings IS NOT NON-PROFIT. Sorry he died but maybe this will highlight improper! I have said for a long time Kaiser WAS NOT NONPROFIT.

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