Is another fox being asked to guard the “hen house” ?

While I hate to use a few “isolated incidents” to point to a pattern, with seemingly no tracking/reporting of errors and or bogus rxs being filled by pharmacy in general and Walgreen in particular. To have a SVP from Walgreens appointed a group that is concerned about quality issues in medical care, poses questions.

Where is the division of having a person on a board that has the education/experience background to contribute to an appropriate consensus by the board and a conflict of interest.

While nothing about Mr Kang personally, we all know “the type” that ends up “climbing the corporate ladder”. Typically, the corporation is their life and whatever position they are in on the particular corporate ladder… there is ambitions to climb up the ladder further.

While Walgreens has admirable taken a public stand against many PBM’s and their on going reduced payments, they are still a public stock and sales/profit driven because of this.

When a chain pharmacy exec sitting on any board that can influence laws/rules changes or enforcement of the same.. where does their loyalties lie?

In the recent Delaware law change about stopping the accepting filling of C-II Rxs thru the drive thru.. ONLY WALGREENS publicly objected to the new rule/law and no one could come up with an alternative solution. Was Walgreen’s opposing this law/rule change have anything to do with patient access, trying to halt diversion.. or more of a concern over sales and profits?

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