Imagine this: Federal courts protecting the (illegal ?) actions of the DEA ?

Menominee Indian Tribes Lawsuit agaisnt the DEA Dismissed

MENOMINEE COUNTY, Wis – The Menominee Indian Tribe’s Lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice was dismissed by a federal court in Green Bay. DEA and DOJ agents raided Menominee Tribal land last October. The government says it took tens of thousands of high-grade marijuana plants. But the Tribe maintains it was industrial hemp protected under the farm bill.

The Menominee Indian Tribe released this statement today in response, “The Tribe is disappointed with this recent setback that challenges our sovereignty as a Tribal Nation and inhibits our ability to pursue research initiatives exploring the viability of this versatile and sustainable crop.  The Tribe is currently reviewing the decision to determine what options it may or may not pursue.”

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  1. WELCOME TO WISCONSIN COURT SYSTEMS,,THEY ARE CORRUPT,,, I know,,i live there,,and have dealt w.their court system,,,its alllll who u know,,,NOT,,, the laws,,,good ole boys up here,,,maryw

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