Here is what MTM has sunk to at Anthem

Here is something that showed up on my desk… MTM is required by Part D… but.. the individual Part D insurance companies have a great deal of latitude to what medication and how much the patient spends annually.

Of course, Anthem medication partner is ESI – SURPRISE !.. and of course both of these entities are FOR PROFIT PUBLIC COMPANIES.

They are sending out these letters to SENIORS… telling them that – IF THEY WANT – just call… IF.. they even know what MTM is… and according to this letter the MTM may be performed by a PHARMACY INTERN…

Of course, poor Wellpoint – Anthem’s parent company’s profits have only went from 0.5 billion in 2002 to 2.65 billion in 2011… they apparently are just financially scrapping by.. so they are apparently using PharmD candidates on rotation – FREE LABOR – to do these MTM’s.

BTW.. if you look at the net profits from ESI & MEDCO over the same time frame.. you fill find similar grow in net profits… just compare the “growth” in profits of the rest of healthcare… of course the rest of healthcare … doesn’t have an exemption from the Sherman Antitrust Act.. since 1938… when insurance companies were all mutual companies – owned by their policy holders.

To give you an example.. I just signed up for a Medicare supplement and signed up with one of the few mutual companies left… and compared to the SAME COVERAGE by a for profit insurance company who sells their policy under the endorsement of a huge national senior group… the premium was ~ 30% LESS from the mutual company.

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