Could this be Münchausen syndrome by proxy ?

For those of you who don’t know what this is… here is a wikipedia link to explain it…

United Health has been running this commercial

According to the commercial.. this “fellow” ran into a pretty serious medical condition…
UNITED HEALTH “noticed that the medication that he received from two different prescribers and filled at two different pharmacies had a serious interaction…”
could it be that this “fellow” got medications from two different pharmacies because United Health has directly or indirectly (via employer) he was financially encouraged or forced to use Untied’s mail order service for some maintenance medication?
When a new medication was added and he attempted to have it filled at a local pharmacy – who didn’t have full records of his medication history … the conflict could have only been known by United Health’s computer system… so only United could have alerted anyone to the potential serious interaction..
The question has to be asked… mandating .. or using financial incentives .. to get a patient to use mail order.. it is only a matter of time before some patient(s) are going to have a serious interaction… caused by United’s policies…. and given these circumstances only United could resolve… then uses this to show how good they are looking after their patient’s health/well being…

Doesn’t this describe Munchausen syndrome by proxy?

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