Christie: Pro-life from conception to grave… addiction is a disease.. all diseases need to be treated ?

Chris Christie has stated many times today in conjunction of being appointed to a new White House initiative on fighting the “opiate epidemic”.

He states that he is PRO-LIFE … from conception to grave… and that those with diseases need to be provided treatment…. “given a life”… so where does chronic pain pts and others with subjective diseases fit into this concept ?

Nationally, the number of doses of legal opiates being prescribed is DOWN DRAMATICALLY …however… the number of opiate related deaths are DRAMATICALLY UP.

In a recent article

Ohio led the nation in opioid-related overdose deaths in 2014. Prescription drugs were responsible for about 22 percent of the 3,050 overdose deaths reported in 2015. Heroin and fentanyl were responsible for the majority of overdose deaths. 

Were those 671 deaths from prescription drugs – notice that they don’t claim –  only imply – that they were opiate related deaths – actually SUICIDES ?  We know that chronic pain pts are twice as likely to commit suicide.  Is the truth in these numbers being OBSCURED ?


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  1. They can’t prove one bit of this. That has been a problem with them to start with. Not being truthful about ODs isl a big problem. They can not back it up.

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