Senate Doctors’ PSA on Dangers of Fentanyl

Chronic Pain Detected in the Brain for the First Time

There is many things starting to STACK UP against the DEA/DOJ and their 5 decade war on drugs/pts. There is more and more practitioners – especially pharmacists – that are work with pharmacogenomics to help determine if a pt metabolizes different categories of medications differently.  Pointing out that some pts are fast/ultrafast metabolizers of many […]

ACLU: what does Systemic Equality look like ?

I got the text below today as a email. How many of those in the chronic pain community have reached out to the ACLU for assistance in because of their disabilities being discriminated against and all have been told that ” we don’t have the resources” … According to this text, … Here’s your rundown,  […]

Congress Hearing Explores Medicare Advantage Routines That Deny, Delay Needed Care

Maybe this is why they are starting to refer to this as Medicare-C – because there is no advantages Congress Hearing Explores Medicare Advantage Routines That Deny, Delay Needed Care   WASHINGTON — A 79-year-old man with prostate cancer needed a PET scan, but his Medicare Advantage (MA) plan refused to pay for it. […]

21st century testing to help chronic pain pts justify needing higher doses

If you are reading this, YOU NEED TO SHARE THIS – not just LIKE IT… unless you feel that there is no one in your circle of family & friends who are dealing with chronic health issues, that could possibly benefit & enjoy improving their QOL. If you are a intractable chronic pain pt, this […]

chuckle of the day 05/19/2023

New chronic pain cases occur more frequently than other conditions, and often persist

Chronic Pain Incidence Is High in the U.S. New cases of chronic pain — defined as pain experienced on most days or every day over 3 months — occurred more frequently than new cases of other common chronic conditions, U.S. survey data showed. Chronic pain incidence was 52.4 cases per 1,000 person-years, reported Richard […]

Money or assets seized? Make a recovery with OUR help!

Rights violated? Money seized? We have a solution for that. The Law Office of Brian Silber specializes in getting money and assets BACK to our clients. We believe in fairness and justice for all – and we will work tirelessly to support our clients through difficult circumstances. Get in touch with us today for an […]

Dr. Jay K Joshi: Open Letter to DEA Administrator Milgram

Open Letter to DEA Administrator Milgram Directly oversee the investigation of your DEA agents Dear Administrator Anne Milgram, I hope this letter finds you well. I request you to oversee the investigation into the misconduct of DEA agents in my case. I initially filed a complaint with the Office of Inspector General which has […]

After all the problems with SCS:FDA OKs SCS Devices for Chronic Back Pain

FDA OKs Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices for Chronic Back Pain The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the indication for Abbott Laboratories’ spinal cord stimulation (SCS) devices to include treatment of chronic back pain in patients who have not had, or are not eligible for, back surgery, the company has announced. The new indication spans all […]

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