Another nail in the “availability” of healthcare from the system?

Today, I had to do my annual “drug test”… you would think that after several years… they wouldn’t waste their money anymore.  This test was done at a local “doctor in a box” office.. This particular facility is part of one of the two hospital systems in the area (~ 1.5 million pop) that controls […]

Congressional Budget Office – report on “the cost” of Obamacare

According to a Fox News Report With the implementation of Obamacare, there will be 3 million more people UNINSURED and the dollars allocated to paid for Medicare services will be LESS THAN CURRENTLY PAID FOR BY MEDICAID.. Two things that are of concern here… 1. Medicare is all the old and disabled in our society… […]

To me.. the media is an enigma.. and how our news cycle works

One “loose nut” goes on a rampage and it takes up nearly all the media news for hours if not days. I woke up this AM.. to the news that today’s ” nutcase de jour” decided to open fire in a theater of people who came out at MID-NIGHT to watch a new BATMAN movie. […]

When you look at the numbers

Has anyone every notice that when it comes to healthcare gross outlays.. we just tend to look at this year.. last year and state what per-cent they have went up..  Why do we not look at a longer view point to help isolate where these increases are coming from… Whose purpose does this serve? Numbers […]

Drug dealers get creative in pursuit of oxycodone

Here is an article from USA TODAY… how many “brain trusts” did it take to come up with this conclusion. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”.. so we continue this “fill & chase” war on drugs that has been unsuccessful since the Harrison Narcotic Act […]

The Insanity continues

The North Carolina legislature passed a new law that mandates Pharmacist must get non-validated driver’s license for C-II’s and certain C-III’s. What is really interesting is that the ID can be of the person on the Rx or ANYONE willing to present a ID. Mail order pharmacies are exempt from the regulation BUT.. if the […]

Here comes another program to fight drug abuse/diversion that won’t work !

the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) is a national database that officially starts in a lot of state this Jan 1st. In Indiana this program was pushed through the legislature by the Indiana Sheriff’s Assoc and the Indiana State Police. Neither the Indiana Board of Pharmacy nor the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance were involved in getting […]

Has Express Scripts taken on one too many fights at the same time?

First it was the stand-off with Walgreens over how much more money they thought they deserved than Walgreens over filling Rxs. As of this writing, it looks like neither one is going to blink or back down. Then there is the issue of them buying/merging with Medco… these two entities generate 2.5 BILLION in net […]

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

This week I had an exchange of emails with the director of a state board pharmacy. The discussion was about getting Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals permission to get access to the state’s driver’s license database. There are some 35 odd states that have active and functioning PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program Databases) and have been […]

Office of Medical Investigator (OMI) Hides 2010 Overdose Information The writer has notice a difference is recent months of the words used to report deaths by drugs. A year ago, it was not unusual to see a death by drug reported as “accidental”. Now I am seeing that the reports of a person dying from drugs is just stated as a “drug […]

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