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  1. It has happened in my little rural town. The independent pharmacies arent coming to agreement with the PBM Tricare Ecpress Scripts. My husband lost his pharmacy due to that reason and now has to drive a 60 mile round trip to get his medications. I have personally called the Governor, and all senators and representatives to tell the all of this. I told them this is dangerous and unacceptable, that pharmacists are under staffed and mistakes are going happen.
    My town is so small that there is only 1 chain and it is Walgreens. The others are 2 small indys. 1 stopped accepting the ins already and I expect the other 1 will probably shortly.
    The Walgreens drive through consistently has a line wrapped around the building and out to the highway. The lines inside the store are very long and forget calling on the phone unless you have an hour to sit on hold. Very bad.

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