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  1. Lets build bridges not walls in order to secure a brighter future for the next generations to come – unify not divide!

  2. They both are crazy and so is the cop. Yes, she might have instigated the situation by flipping the guy off but the guy ended up doing exactly what Trump said he would have done to the Iranian patrol boats who flipped the US Navy Ship off. ( TRUMP), “I WOULD BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER”. In my opinion and according to law, all the guy was allowed to do was to himself in the same way as she did by giving her the finger right back. Yes he was allowed to get her license plate number and report it to the police but as she said she did not break any laws by expressing her opinion. But, the Trump supporter obviously did by pursuing her in a threatening manner and in several states, if a person feels that their life is in danger, they are allowed to use deadly force even if the perpetrator does not have a weapon, and Florida is one of these states.
    This entire presidential race has divided our country into factions instead of political party preferences. A hundred and fifty six years ago civil unrest divided our country and caused the Civil War and it would seem as if we are on that very same path today. The 2 presidential candidates have caused this EPIDEMIC of political racial BULLSHIT which has divided this country. Neither candidate of our 2 major political parties are worthy of leading our country out of its political dead furrow and 3rd party candidates aren’t even in the race. The only candidate who made any sort of sense in the early race was taken out, and that was Bernie Sanders. Not all of his suggested policies were sound ideas but his attacks on Wall Street were exactly what we needed. He should have registered as an independent so we would have had a viable 3rd choice. Now we have to choose the lesser of 2 evils and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about that.

  3. Yup she is definitely a lunatic!

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