Feb 28, 2018 — “In written testimony prepared for the congressional committees, the Legion’s Rohan called on lawmakers and the Trump administration to take three specific steps:

Immediately reschedule cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III on the DEA Controlled Substance Act Scheduling. „

Direct departments and agencies within the administration to fully cooperate in all federally authorized scientific research and offer assistance as needed. „

Authorize extensive research, conduct oversight hearings and support legislation that enables research on cannabis and the medical impact it could have for Americans suffering from opioid over-prescription, pain, depression and a host of other known ailments.”

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  1. It should have been legal 50 years ago. Numerous studies on medical benefits have already been carried out in Isreal years ago!!

  2. I just thought it was kinda cool,and a sign of the times changing when the American legion actually sponsors ,”for,” marijuana research,,,kinda cool,,,,maryw

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