Andrew Kolodny Rips National Pain Report For Unfair Reporting

Andrew Kolodny Rips National Pain Report For Unfair Reporting Dr. Andrew Kolodny has criticized the National Pain Report for what he calls “its unfair and false reporting” on him. He said it is “absolutely false” that he is “aggressively pushing the idea of restricting or eliminating opioid usage” as we indicated this week. “I […]

Grand Slam Article by Dr. Josh Bloom Shows True Opioid Stats

Grand Slam Article by Dr. Josh Bloom Shows True Opioid Stats Government Failure Unreported by Media; Meth Deaths Triple & Then Some Since ‘11 I checked in to the ACSH website as it has been almost a month, with holidays and whatnot, and I was blown away by the article Dr. Bloom had published on December […]

cost of chronic pain to American society, based upon health care expenditures and cost of lost productivity, is $560-635 billion/year

Response to Oregon’s Tapering Guidance and Tools We welcome guest blogger Dr. Stephen E. Nadeau, Senior Research Advisor, Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain. Dr. Nadeau agreed to share his response to The Oregon Pain Guidance Clinical Advisory Group, Tapering Workgroup*. For more context, the Advisory group recently posted a set of guidelines […]

Kolodny: a psychiatrist who has no patients or couch, never treated a single patient with intractable pain, and he has never written a single prescription for an opioid drug

An Open Letter To All Who Hold Public Office In America From Painful Disease Patients View at We are crying out to you today as intractable pain patients who are citizens of the United States and registered voters. We believe any measures considered to reduce the amount of pain medication permitted to intractable […]

Real Facts Behind the “Opioid Crisis” and the Abandonment of Pain Patients

This is from a national DPPR member for a handout. The Real Facts Behind the “Opioid Crisis” and the Abandonment of Pain Patients: ● Andrew Kolodny and Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing – PROP (addiction specialists with no experience treating pain) petitioned the FDA in 2012 to change opioid manufacturing guidelines for patients with non-cancer […]

An Open Letter to Dr. Andrew Kolodny

An Open Letter to Dr. Andrew Kolodny Update 6/27/18: I am overwhelmed by the positive responses I have received for this letter. I would ask that readers also take a look at all the articles and references cited in this piece, and share those as well. Those references go into much, much more detail […]

Kolodny: a drug (opiate) is addictive if it is prescribed for more than three days

Prescribing Opioids: How Many Are Too Many? What’s the right painkiller prescription to send home with a patient after gallbladder surgery or a cesarean section? That question is front and center as conventional approaches to pain control in the United States contribute, in the opinion of some experts, to a culture of overprescribing that […]

Kolodny: has advised members of both political parties on opioid policy

What Do These Political Ads Have in Common? The Opioid Crisis. The scenes in the political ads play out in almost the same order: A heartbreaking story about someone who can’t seem to stop taking drugs. A grim statistic about opioids. And then a somber pitch from a candidate promising solutions. More and more, […]

Kolodny: 90 MME is an “extremely high, dangerous dose.”

Lost in the battle to create fewer new patients addicted to opioids: Longtime pain patients Krissy Houser is one of many chronic pain patients who are feeling besieged by new government and insurance company policies limiting prescription opioids. The Bucks County woman was taking high doses of the highly addictive pain medications until her […]

Kolodny: “Opioids are lousy drugs for chronic pain and when you take chronic pain patients and get them off opioids their quality of life is improved The crackdown on opioids is having unintended consequences. The push for fewer opioid prescriptions at lower doses and for shorter periods has increased suffering for some pain patients including those near the end of life. The emphasis on opioids has also overshadowed other forms of substance abuse that require attention.  With fatal overdoses soaring […]

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