More changes at Walgreens to benefit the community ?

Founder of local charity says Walgreens pulling soldier fundraiser

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – The founder of a local charity has been getting big thank yous from our troops overseas for sending more than four thousand care packages, but a major donation source that makes that possible is pulling the plug.

If you’re a Walgreens shopper, you’ve probably been asked the question at check out, “Would you like to spend one dollar to donate candy or chips to our troops?” 

That question has helped Adopt a Troop send more than half of their care packages to soldiers. 

But the founder of Adopt a Troop said Walgreens is no longer participating in her charity because of complaints that people feel pressured to donate.

“These men and women over there in Afghanistan and Iraq, they’re fighting for our freedom. And we need to stand up and support them,” Founder of Adopt a Troop Kaye Caple said.

That’s what she has been doing for the last seven years, sending care packages to soldiers overseas, and dedicating an entire room in her home to the charity.

“I’m twice Vietnam widow, so this means a lot to me,” Kaye said.

She said each box costs around $70, including shipping fees.

Selling bears and other merchandise helps offset that cost.  

And since 2008, Kaye has been working with Walgreens to collect candy, chips, and other goods.

She started with two stores in Fort Myers, and when she moved to the Cape, she struck up a relationship with the Walgreens on Burnt Store Road.

“I’d pick up up bags and bags,” Kaye said.

But now, that’s changing.

Kaye said the manager at the Burnt Store location called to tell her corporate is no longer allowing them to participate, saying other stores would be pulling the plug, too.

“I said, ‘Why would they do this?’ He said, ‘Apparently there’s been a lot of complaints from people that they don’t want to be asked to donate money,'” Kaye said.

Four in Your Corner’s Lisa Greenberg stopped into the Walgreens on Burnt Store.  

An assistant manager told her off camera they’re no longer able to help Adopt a Troop, but directed her to corporate.  

We reached out to Walgreens’ corporate office.

The woman on the phone said they’d get back to me, but we haven’t heard back yet.

In the meantime, Kaye is left heartbroken, hoping the company has a change of heart.

“I just don’t understand people that complain. Especially when those people are fighting for the people who are complaining, their freedom,” Kaye said.

Four in Your Corner will keep working to confirm whether or not all Walgreens will be putting the breaks on offering donations to the troops.

For more information on Adopt a Troop, click here.

3 Responses

  1. No one ordered anyone to join the military, but I understand that some join for economic reasons, so I hope they get out of it what they need. Although I’m sure they weren’t counting on chronic pain and PTSD.

    Sure, people who love to fight wars always suggest that those of us who haven’t join up. Why would I want to fight for Exxon and corporate America? For the federal government?

    You can say that the people who don’t want to keep contributing to the war effort are ignorant, or you can look at the facts.

    America should apologize for creating enemies out of families and children, killing them from the sky as if it was nothing. America should apologize for decades of fighting a failed drug war, with millions of families and children killed in Latin America and all over the world. America should apologize for the racism that put many black and brown people behind bars for non-violent drug offenses, creating a new Jim Crow era.

    And you may not care about people sitting at home in pain, but I do. If you want to fight and support the international war, go ahead. Most people are too busy fighting their own wars right here at home.

    And if you want me to “shut it,” then you’d better pray for my death. Good luck with that.

  2. How dare you.

    A roof? A tent.

    Food? Rations.

    Health care? Please. Have you met the VA?

    You question their motives? They are under orders. You want to question the military then you better look higher, like your commander in chief. He gives the orders. Head right to Pennsylvania Avenue. But do not dare levy your ire at the feet of the soldiers.

    No matter how you feel about war that has nothing to do with the guys and gals out there fighting it.

    I give less than a shit about fat Americans sitting at home complaining that he or she can’t get pain meds or that Medicaid is being cut.

    If YOU want to make a change, painkills2, then I suggest you don a uniform, pick up a weapon, and grab a plain ticket.

    Otherwise, Shut it.

    I cannot even believe the ignorance of this post. You should apologize.

  3. “I just don’t understand people that complain…”

    No matter where the troops are located, they have food, a roof over their heads, and health care — you can’t say the same for a lot of Americans. And maybe some people don’t want to support the war effort any more. Or maybe too many people are already victims of the drug war here at home.

    And are the troops really fighting for our freedoms? Spreading democracy? Or protecting our oil interests for the oil and gas industry?

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