Walgreen nixes ‘Be well’ at checkout line

Walgreesn Be well

Walgreen nixes ‘Be well’ at checkout line


Walgreens will no longer require its cashiers to send each customer off with the words, “Be well.”A spokesman said the campaign had run its course, though the company didn’t elaborate on why the effort, launched several years ago, was dropped.

“It’s accomplished its goal of reinforcing our branding,” spokesman Michael Polzin said. “We’ll continue to build our relationships with customers in other ways.”
A memo sent to employees this week outlined other changes in dealing with customers. Among them: Employees should learn customers’ names, they should thank customers for their purchase and they no longer have to say “Welcome to Walgreens” when a customer enters the store. Instead, they could offer a cheery “Good morning” or “Welcome back, Mr. Smith. What brings you in today?”

Some self-identified Walgreen employees have voiced frustration with the slogan over the past year on a Facebook page run by a workers advocacy group. One complaint was that the “Be well” phrase sounded robotic.
Ditto! And we can add “I like to be transparent,” something that Pelosi, Reid, Boehner and all other politicians state.
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at 4:18 PM March 25, 2015

“I love and respect my customers, and of course, want them to be well, but it’s just not necessary to sound like an insincere carbon copy routine Walgreens worker,” said one poster, who wrote that she’s worked at the same Walgreens store for about 12 years. “This is definitely a step in the right direction.”

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  1. In the film “Demolition Man ” (Sylvester Stallone), the expression “be well” was the mantra used by the mindless moralists of a future year in which an ordered society was forced upon people. I chuckled to myself about that every time I heard it said to me in a Walgreens. I wonder, did the company get that from the movie?

  2. Thank God. I refuse to fill any and all of your prescriptions today because I don’t feel comfortable,and I think I know more than your Neurologist knows about what you should take.( And as I leave the pharmacy with none of my much needed medications I hear a cheery)

    BE WELL!!!

  3. In my opinion, “Be well” is better than “God bless.” And I would prefer that Walgreens employees aren’t forced to butcher people’s names — it can be a little uncomfortable for both parties.

  4. I agree that employees shouldn’t have to repeat things they don’t really mean, like a robot.

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