Cops lies about reason for stopping Senior Citizens on highway ?

Incompetent Cop Violates Elderly Cancer Patient, Accuses Him & His Wife of Being Drug Mules

Fabricating reason to stop vehicle and unreasonable search and seizure ?


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    Some tips on traffic stops…and remember never consent to searches…even if you have nothing to hide…you still have the right to refuse…sure it’ll irk them…but remember there’s still alot of them out for civil fortfeiture….compliants against them usually end up with them getting off. In this case, I would have demanded a State Police supervisor be called and present, that whole stop screamed bogus, but I’m sure the investigation will show the cop getting away with “he did his job within our department guidelines”. I did see another story where the couple is planning on filing a lawsuit.

  2. I am not surprised. Tennessee and several other states are allowing police access to patients pharmacy profiles. No other excuse for allowing police access to supposedly confidential records. When is the public going to realize that the world could know about their toothache or surgery requiring pain medication. It’s another example of the disabled and ill being discriminated against. Thanks for letting others know

  3. Omg. What a world.

    “Driving while old”

    A new profiling style……

  4. My God……. how much worse is it going to get? I’ll be anxious to know what happens to the cop, but surprised if he gets punished at all.

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