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I was finally able to get my scripts filled by a walgreens after I hired a lawyer(actually a friend) and had him send over a notice of or summons for a court hearing regarding a discrimination lawsuit for discriminating against me basically calling me a drug addict. There’s a difference between discretion and discrimination. Within 24hrs of the paperwork being served I had the corporate manager calling me asking me to please reconsider and that they would promise to get me meds. Well so far they are back to filling my meds.

This showed up on a FB website… could it be that there is too many things being dug  up by investigative reporters, now pts are threatening to sue them… maybe the investigative reporters are not impacting their bottom line that much.. LAWSUIT… a whole different game ?

Apparently this person decided to STOP DOING NOTHING… and in doing so.. HE GOT SOMETHING… WALGREENS FILLING HIS MEDICALLY NECESSARY MEDS !   I wonder what happen to their blanket statement that “WE CAN’T FORCE A PHARMACIST TO FILL OR NOT FILL YOUR RX ” ?

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  1. What?i dont understand what u wrote. Anyway i just wanted to know if his friend did this for,him and if it actully worked then why are all lawyers doing this for ppl ,they should be thats why i dont believe this is true. Who cares,if it took,years its been over 2years of this bs from bad to worse w being discriminated against.

    • rk years would sure be issue for me when I have an opportunity to have a quick letter get my meds, not sure why you keep saying you don’t believe?? from what I read the lawyer is a friend to this person, could have been done for free. i’m sure any lawyer would and probably has done this if you pay them $. I get the same grief since I had ruptured aneurysm in 2007, I know the feeling as well, no need to be so defensive. oh hell never mind

  2. rk most attorneys always send a “warning” letter first. I worked in law office for 18 years, this kind of law suit would cost $ for the atty and would have been held up for years. the point of the letter was to get her legal prescription NOT make $. I would love to see a class action suit in the near future though, this whole “save my ass first, patient second” is just wrong.

    • You are correct about the cost of a lawsuit.. but.. most lawsuits never get past mediation today.. you sue a pharmacist… you get them to settle and part with some $$$ for legal fees and an agreement to fill the pt’s Rxs in the future and/or “roll” on the employer, wholesaler, DEA about their pubic statements are all BS and then and there you have the foundation for a class action… three major wholesalers control 85% of the market and there are only some 60 K pharmacies.. for a class action.. the numbers are small to reasonable and all the participants have “deep pockets”.. In the meanwhile … legit pts start getting their meds filled

  3. I dont believe this at all sorry of its true good for u but why is your lawyer not really suing,them or any other lawyers doing anything like a class action suit.

  4. I will gladly fill pain meds for a legit patient. I will verify scripts of those patients or physicains I don’t know. I have a judgement free zone and do not lie to my patients. If I don’t have it due to my vendor shorting me on my order you will know. I will work with my patients to find someplace to help you fill it ( thought I’m sure stores lie to other stores on stock). I do use the PDMP diligently….I had a patient lie to me about never getting Ritalin filled every 2 weeks at different pharmacies for 150 tabls each by 3 different doctors till I showed him his state file, then he tried to tell me it wasn’t him, however the script I had was from one of the doctors on the file….Told him I was keeping it til I could verify it. Once the doc knew what I found on the PMP, he told me to VOID the script. I cannot gaurantee i can fill everything, but I do my best. After 28 yrs, my pharmacist’s oath of relieving suffering is still improtant to me as well as the other parts of the oath. I’m not an opoioidphobe, but expect a short stay of counseling when I’m done filling your stuff, because there will be a quiz when I am finished 🙂

  5. What great news. Such a hopeless heartless shame that has to happen. I do not have a attorney friend but we all have you and your willingness to share knowledge.

  6. Steve, maybe all pain groups should have an Attorney representing them to show that it stops here for the discrimination of pain PT and now or go after the DEA for pain and suffering inhumane practices done to legal pain PTs because substandard care

  7. I like the new format on your page, Steve. Its much cleaner and easier to read. Now if you could only do something about the content…

  8. You know how you see those billboards on the side of the road for attorneys asking if you’ve been injured? I predict a growth industry for the same concept- but the billboards reads- “Does your Pharmacy refuse to fill your LEGAL prescriptions”

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