The HUMAN SIDE of pain ?

Eastham man relies on OxyContin to relieve his chronic back pain

This pt lives in the East Hampton, Mass area.. I wonder how he fared having not to be able to get a refill until he is out of medication… with all the SIX FEET of snow the area received recently…  Hopefully, it was not during the time frame that he would be taking his last dose… Of course, if he ran out of medication… I am sure that he would be able to find a ambulance to take him to a local hospital..  in SIX FEET OF SNOW …

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  1. Ever notice that the actual drug addicts don’t have any trouble getting their meds. Those of us who deal with true chronic pain day in and day out never get high or catch a buzz.
    We are the ones fighting every hour of every day for quality of life. That’s all we want.
    We don’t have a choice. It’s these medications: the hydrocodone’s, the Oxy’s the Fentanyl pops and patches, these meds are what give us life. How can that be wrong?

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