1-ribbonFirst they came for the mentally ill addicts, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a mentally ill addict.

Then they came for the empathetic prescribers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an empathetic prescriber.

Then they came for the Pharmacists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Pharmacist.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

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  1. I’m not sure how you ended up on my email just now?? God’s grace I guess!! Today I have been on calls all morning Dr , attorney, pharmacy!! I was injured at work 2004 I’ve had 8 back surgeries including rods and a cage. I just had double hip surgery Nov 1 2017 I’ve yet to have physical therapy my Dr was giving me 6 10/325 norcos after I went cold turkey off fyntenal patches. Well this mth cut me to 4 norcos and 3 flexril a day fine. Work comp took into their hands to cut again so now no p/t 2 norcos and 2 flexril a day against what Dr ordered are they allowed to cut after Dr already cut in half?? I told my attorney I’m done I’m ready to settle as I drive 400 miles to get meds!! Whats your thought on dumping pills and eating marijuana?? I’m so tired of government hands in what I need!! Needless to say the 4 Norco and 3 flexril hasn’t been enough as I just got cut completely off my diluadid from 4 day to 0!! Thank you pharmacist Steve!! Your are a saint to help people on this horrible issue!! I’m in so much pain I’ve thought of moving to Oregon death by suicide is legal!!

    • One of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy… it is also ILLEGAL for a healthcare professional to prescribe – deprescribe a pt’s medication without first doing a in person physical exam… it is also ILLEGAL for a prescriber to treat a pt who lives in a state they are not licensed in… So workman’s comp has become YOUR DOCTOR ? Since a company cannot have a medical degree nor be able to take medical licensing board.. someone on the staff of the workman comp insurance has decided to “play doctor”… you need to find out who that is.. and .. file complaint with the state in which he/she lives/licensed in and the state in which you live… that they are practicing medicine without a license and illegal prescribing without doing a in person physical exam on you. Reading your medical records is not a in person physical exam.

      • That is exactly what I said work comp is playing Dr and I know as my Dr said that they are nothing but high school graduates!! I’ve often said how can they make these calls!! Thank you!! You are a saint!! I agree with your reply!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Steve how do I join? I’m so upset and ready to take action against Walgreens. For almost 5 years they have filled my Narcotic meds. I was in a bad car accident on 6-26-15 I have had them fill my meds since 2015 after trying Percocet it started hurting my stomach so they put my on 15mg 2 times a day Oxycodone. Walgreens has filled this with no issue. Just the last 2 months 2 pharmacists have denied me all in ft Myers but then go and put the “GOOD FAITH DISPENSING” bullcrap on my account so no Walgreens could fill it. Well I’m done! The same pharmacist who filled my RX twice in a month had no issue she then called my doctor but never called him the first time she filled it and had it ready for me in 15 min showing me she never even read or went over this GFD policy. I have spoke to corporate. I have been told my DX code of M54.5 was not efficient for me to take 15mg of Oxycodone, yet they don’t know I have 5-6 DX codes so my doctor actually speaks to the lady Marina at Walgreens and tells her it’s ok to fill she tells them no! I have Chiari Malformation Type 1 brain disease, neck herniations, lower back herniations etc I would be here all day! My issue is this! Why did Walgreens & the SAME PHARMACIST FILL this prior for over a year and now have an issue? What do I do I need my meds? I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep. I lost my job. This is not okay and I want to go for a lawsuit and I want the pharmacist who filled my RX BEFORE WITH NO ISSUE TO BE LET GO OR SOMETHING HAPPEN TO THEIR JOBS SINCE THEY FILLED THE SAME THING FOR AND I HAVE A WITNESS. Marina never cared about her GFD! Until one asshole Nate ruined it for me. Please help me I need to go to some place for my meds before my whole body locks up and my neck doesn’t move. I have serious issues and Chiari is nothing to wish on anyone. What can I do? Thank God for people like you. Do Morgan and Morgan have a lawsuit going on?

  3. Steve, my husband stepped on a rusty nail at work. He dropped off a prescription at Walgreens on January 2, 2017 but the script was written 12/26/16. First of all, they kept giving us the run around for over 2 weeks talking about they couldn’t find the script. Now today they first said they had to verify with the doctor if it was still valid. Then the pharmacist said no, because it’s too old. I said well give us back our hard copy. They claim that they cannot. The script was for 21, only 21 Percoset 5/325. What’s really happening? Is this legal? Please advise.

    • Depends on the state when a C-II expires. some state are very short period… some are as long as a year… I would have asked them to provide a copy of the LAW that states when a C-II expires… if they can’t..then what they are tell you doesn’t exist… the prescription – until filled – belongs to the pt… and you have no way of going back to the doc and prove that you didn’t get the original Rx filled to get it replaced.
      My suggestion to pt is to NEVER let a doc send a C-II to a pharmacy…if the pharmacy is out of stock or the Pharmacist “is not comfortable” the prescription is “DEAD”.. because they can’t forward it to another pharmacy …nor .. can they print it out and give it to the pt … because it is not signed by the doc..

      • Thanks. good advice. Would not have realized that until it was too late. Somewhat similar, something that happened to me, my doctor, at one point, was writing me two strengths (mgs) of the same schedule2 medication, individual quantities, to reach a certain MG per day. Walgreens (horrible place) filled the first strength after 2 days. The second strength though, they kept telling me that it’s ‘backordered’. I waited over a week and the only thing they would tell me is ‘backordered’. So I asked them for the script back, but because the script was partially filled, they would not hand it back, even though it was a original signed copy. This is pretty basic thing, and it makes sense to me, and I agree with the logic and the law, but it was enough of an ordeal that I will avoid the situation in the future by not having two strengths on the same script paper. Or for that matter, not having two medications on the same script paper, if I dont have a trusted established pharmacy. I go to a ‘mom and pop’ pharmacy now and it’s amazing the difference. I no longer feel judged and stigmatized. It’s hard enough coping with the underlying issue by itself, and it was sending me into depression with the way Walgreens treated me. They made me feel like I was a worthless annoyance and that I should be locked up or something

  4. http://nationalpainreport.com/represent-chronic-pain-and-call-your-representative-today-tuesday-june-21st-3pm-est-8830774.html
    Please call your representative about chronic pain patients and pain medication.

  5. The beginning is a take off of a saying relating to Nazi Germany. Our government is going after our guns, our poor, old and ill, our education and trying to get us to hate each other. I would say they ( the rich and power crazy) are succeeding.

    • We refuse to see our fellow Americans as a threat, even when they openly profess to share the same ideology and aims as our external enemies. Worse yet, we fail to seek out those who are less vocal, but equally corrosive and dangerous, as they use their positions in government to undermine their own nation.

      What the Democrat party is describing as their “Summer of Resistance” isn’t a protest, it is a call to engage in sedition.

      The aim is to overturn the results of an election by creating a firestorm of suspicion and recrimination sufficient to pry away the support of Congressional Republicans from the President;

      Liberalism isn’t American! It’s the ideology of other countries, and the immigrants that brought it here with them. These people truly did not assimilate into the established America of 1776. This BS about us all being immigrants is just that, BS! If you know the history about what was happening, prior and during that time period in history, then you know the truth. It’s a lie that immigrants have helped this country. People revert to what they know, and teach their children in kind. That is what most came from Communism, and that is today’s Liberalism. It will be the death of this country!

  6. Down here in Hammond Louisiana the Pharmacists deliberately and carelessly choosing to fill a prescription is not just because its early but discrimination based on religious preference and artists of religious genres are be discriminated against. My husband is an international and demanded portrait sculptor with media and exposure and mtiple press ops. He in short is a famous world renowned portrait sculptor. The issue stated when he dropped his prescription for an anti convulsant medicine off and the CVS and , needless to say on other occasions this was done to him…he dropped it off and the pharmacy said they were not in stock. They would call him as he was dropping it off knowing he’s had a few to last the next few months. On or about 2 days later he returned thinking it was back in stock. They said it would be another week. He complied until the next month the exact date of the original prescription and was told he was early due to the out of stock ant seizure meds , he suffers epileptic seizures and although he’s due to thier late standard of protocols. He has been declining in health, having more seizure attacks and health declining the blame on my husband by saying he’s 7 days early due to the last fill. The insurance company and his doctor agree that they are being in contempt of the doctors appointment orders and fear the coverup of not ordering the medications for life threatening conditions. Instead of billing his insurance on the drop off date they did so on the late stock date. Wavering He is early but according to his doctor and insurance company they are in violation because its not a schedule drug that is of addiction or dependent quality but an overall life threatening dispensory drug. These pharmacist in the southeastern portion of Louisiana are breaching the doctor and insurance company orders but she me thing has them thinking they aren’t responsible if my husband dies behind the wheel of a car because a pharmacist is trying to cover up discrimination and or incompetence and mostly describe mating because he has a semi private insurance. This must be looked into in the tangipahoa parish Louisiana area. What is at stake is not a license but a good man treated like a disposable care less. As a portrait sculptor that’s been recognised we also believe a little hatred due to all he’s accomplished since his medication was adjusted for survival, he’s achieved much of the American dream. The pharmacy seems to be paranoid and the care lies in their personal interest instead of the patient…going so far as to deny doctors and insurance orders. Where 10 years ago these were the abuses by patients not the pharmacist. He is going to use his media publicised image to bring light to the many as he is that suffer. Thank you and please intervention on a scheduled 4 drug like blood pressure meds. Sincerely , concerned family

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