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  1. As a nurse I was once forced to spend 40 hours straight at the hospital because replacement staff would not or could not make it in. We worked 16 hours straight with 8 spent off in different areas. My 2 year old was not happy. We were fed but charged for our meals the same price visitors would pay. Healthcare workers should expect to see that patients are taken care of. In fact where I worked for 20 years it was a firing offense to leave without our replacement for any reason. Is a cashier mandatory?

  2. If you are hurt or injured or take a “leave” for any reason, you can bet you will be punished by being sent to another store upon your return. I did not know that cashiers are “health care workers”. Are CVS stores health care facilities now?

  3. The National Weather Service announcement and CVS;s memo needs to go public. How can they expect their pharmacist to stay until 10 pm tonight (especially when roads are being closed at 11 pm due to conditions.) But, even more ludicrous is demanding pharmacist get the stores open tomorrow as they are essential and exempt from the warnings. Also where are the customers going to come from since The National Weather Service announced travel will be impossible and life threatening. Further, since when did taxis, etc, become essential vehicles. That won’t be happening! Maybe the DM can drive around and be the taxi to ensure his stores are open! Shows just how much CVS puts profits over human lives. But isn’t that what they do every day with the way they run their pharmacies with skeleton crews and always demanding more and more. I hope every CVS pharmacist kept a copy of this memo!

    • You can sure bet if an employee has an accident on the way in CVS wont assist in paying any damage and most likely I bet the employees car insurance may not pay either since they technically were driving during a state ban…exempt or not….Id be checking my car insurance on that

  4. This DM is from the Newton MA area….I think he should be publicly shamed.anyone remember the Ryan Barna emails? Demoted and then gone!!

  5. IMO… they are thinking about losing sales and profits… the effect on their individual bonuses and CVS’ stock price. What is there to think about ?

  6. At 4:45 pm the National Weather Service announced the worst of the storm tonight through Tuesday afternoon. Expected to linger in to Wednesday. Travel will be impossible and life threatening across the entire region. Those venturing outdoors may become lost or disoriented, so persons in the warning area are advised to stay indoors. WHAT IS CVS THINKING!

  7. Why the hate? They are trying to help people

    • The governors have basically closed down all modes of transportation in multiple states.. let the 24 hr stay open with existing staff in place… work with police to get need medication to pts.. An employee runs off the road, wrecks their car or suffers physical harm because of the weather.. how much help is that to the employee.. Even “high clearance vehicles” – like a Jeep/truck will MAYBE be able to get thru the 2-3 FEET of snow they are expecting.. not to mention the 50-70 MPH winds that is going to cause extreme snow drifting..

  8. Keep Dreamin’ Buddy!!

  9. Bull Stuffing

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