This is what the local CVS Pharmacist is now seeing …

This is what CVS Pharmacist see when their central pharmacy computer system is “down”.. Of course, they don’t have total access to all the pt’s information because THE SYSTEM IS DOWN… and all of the functions in the lower part of the graphic.. can’t be done without the access to all the pt’s prior information… but the corporation is apparently trying to CYA itself.. when – not if – things go wrong for the pt getting a contraindicated meds for them.. because in CAPITAL LETTER – RECOMMENDATIONS to the Pharmacist.. and if something goes wrong.. it is the Pharmacist’s professional discretion to do this.. of course, if nothing does go wrong.. the Pharmacist will probably be WRITTEN UP for not filling the pt’s Rxs in a timely manner …  Have you ever heard of no-win … no win ?

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  1. They didn’t just turn me away they refused to even order what I needed. Funny that CVS/Caremark does not have a problem with mail order.

  2. #4 kills me..when the system is up they turn away customers.

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