we will aggressively investigate suspected drug diversion,

swatDoctor, wife indicted for allegedly running ‘pill mill


The indictment states: Hoskins was prescribed drugs March 26, 2007 and was found dead three days later; Goff was prescribed drugs May 13, 2008 and was found dead two days later; Jackson was prescribed drugs Dec. 19, 2008 and was found dead four days later; Redavide was prescribed drugs Dec. 8, 2008 and was found dead 12 days later; Spurlock was prescribed drugs May 26 and May 28, 2009 and was found dead two days later; Durham was prescribed drugs June 27, 2011 and was found dead three days later.

Over a three year period – seven pts died of a drug overdose – suicide or accidental… ???

“Prescription drug abuse is a very serious problem in Ohio, and we will aggressively investigate any medical facility that shows signs of suspected drug diversion,” DeWine said in 2012. “Too many Ohioans have died from abusing improperly prescribed pills. We don’t want any more families to suffer.”
When one is paranoid you think that everyone is out to “get you”.. maybe they are looking for drug diversion.. everything looks like “drug diversion”  As they say there is three sides to every story, yours, the truth and the DEA’s version.

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  1. There’s always going to be people who abuse prescription drugs. And when a doctor hands us a script they are trusting that we use those drugs as prescribed. We are adults.

    What gets me is that these doctors make the so called “Patients with Chronic pain” get injections, or some type of expensive procedure, (usually cash is paid) before they will give them a script.

    These are the doctors and I use that term loosely who should be locked up, Lose their license’s. Community service at drug rehab center’s. And never be allowed to practice medicine again.

  2. I went on the web, seems there are a lot of his patients defending him and a few comments pointing to a disgruntled nurse employee (Gee where did we here this before). You or maybe Dr Ibsen can do some more digging. This doctor’s patients sounded much likd Dr Ibsen’s…took time with me, cared about my pain, managed to get my regimen under control…..there’s also a support petition going around. How many of these 9 deceased patients were possibly using large amounts ouf alcohol with the pain meds, People (DEA included) think former addicts should be denied ANY pain meds even if they have cancer…they should suck it up, they ruined their chance to pain management by abusing it. Well, sorry, I dont feel that way. I have read in the past, former addicts do develop diseases and need surgery and will require pain meds, but need to be prescribed with caution and have a plan in place, not die in suffering, but in dignity and with much quality of life as possible. These paitents sound like they had a mental health issue that was left unaddressed…maybe all the doctor was guilty of was missing the mental part of it….IMHO

    • It doesn’t say which combination of drugs caused the deaths, except for the mention in one of methadone — not really a drug for those who have never taken pain medications before, even though states are pushing it through Medicaid because it’s cheap.

      In my younger days, I admit I drank alcohol while on prescription medications. But the after effects of alcohol caused more pain than whatever pain was reduced while drinking. However, I never liked the effects of alcohol, so perhaps that’s why I never had too much of a problem with it.

      Alcohol is cheap, and it does work — in the moment — to heighten the effects of any additional drugs… I can see why so many people use it.

  3. How many other doctors have 7 (or more) patients die in a 3-year period?

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