An amusement park has better security than our Rx system ?

A couple of weeks ago.. we took our only daughter and only 8  y/o grandson to Universal Studios in FL. For those of you haven’t been to Universal in Florida… they have three distinct parks and unless you purchase a multi-day ticket… you are only allowed to go into one park on a single day… Of course, Barb bought multi-day tickets… It is just a ticket to a friggin AMUSEMENT PARK… of course our tickets had bar codes on them and because we had multi-day tickets.. they scanned our tickets and you had to give a digital finger print which was matched up to your ticket in their database. If you wanted to move from one park to another.. once again they scanned your ticket and digitally scanned your finger print. If they didn’t match up… you were not allowed to move from one park to the other.

Here is a NEWS FLASH.. it is damn hard to change/fake/forged finger prints on a person… except in the movies 🙂

In your 20th century pharmacy system… and the various state’s Prescription Monitoring Programs..  require a VALID/LEGAL ID from the pt… but with today’s technology how do we know if a ID is valid or fake ? I can assure you that Rx dept staff just blindly puts the information on the driver’s license presented into their computer system and gets sent on to the PMP.

Imagine if we had a PMP or NPLEx system that used digital finger prints linked to every Rx transaction.  A new pt comes to a prescriber or pharmacy and they give a digital finger print and a PMP report is automatically generated… see how many names, address, doctors, pharmacies comes out on the report attached to that digital finger print.

The technology is there… where is the mindset to use it ?

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  1. Because it’s a myth that everyone’s fingerprints are unique?

    The Real CSI: How reliable is the science behind forensics?

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