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connectthedots  There are a few thing that most consider “common knowledge”

* Alcoholism among Native Americans is quite high

* Alcoholism among Native Alaskans is quite high

* Alcoholism among divorced/widowed/single Seniors is quite high

* Labor participation rate is the lowest since 1978

* Unemployment among those 50 y/o + is above national average

* New college graduates are having trouble finding jobs in their chosen field.

* Those abuse drugs or other substances – other than alcohol or tobacco – usually involves people that have mental health issues – monkeys on their backs, demons in their head.

Is there anything more stressful than having money issues and a general sense of being “useless” and non-productive ?

According to this report  

Shows that around 50% of people in this country pays no Federal income taxes.. who believes that these people/families are not living a “stressful life”..

And we wonder why we have a estimated six million people abusing some substance – other than alcohol & tobacco ?  which kills a estimated 38 k annually.

But according to this report..  we have EIGHTEEN MILLION people who are classified as ALCOHOLICS… and alcohol kills a estimated 144 K annually… and generates SIX BILLION in tax revenues

And according to this report 

We have FORTY TWO MILLION people using/abusing tobacco products.. and tobacco products kills abt 440 K annually.. and generates SEVENTEEN BILLION dollars in tax revenues

And we spend a estimated FIFTY ONE BILLION dollars in fighting the war on drugs… when abusing drugs/substances kills only a fraction of people that alcohol & tobacco use/abuse does !

So we have SIXTY MILLION people generating TWENTY FIVE MILLION dollars in (sin) taxes and the product(s) kills abt 600 K annually and we SPEND FIFTY ONE BILLION dollars trying to keep SIX MILLION people from abusing some substance(s).. that kills  38 K annually.

And this makes sense to who ?

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  1. In a perfect world, all patients would go go only one pharmacy. Additionally, they would be conscience of interactions, adversity in untoward reactions, contradictions, and read all package inserts as well as have a complete list of all meds they take. Empirically we wish the person taking these complicated drugs would ascertain the downside of ingesting numerous combinations of drugs cumulative to the liver kidneys and heart and the precautionary directions. If they could understand them or be able to read print that small.

  2. I would recommend caution when combining mu agonists, benzodiazepines, soma, cyclobenzaprine, and others. Not to say it isn’t done. But if you KNOW that’s sometime alright for those trusted.

  3. It doesn’t make any sense to me , things are so far out of control its ridiculous.
    I stopped drinking 20 years ago, I didn’t want to end up a person on disability with more tattoos than teeth when I turn 60. I don’t do any illegal drugs just what’s prescribed to me. I don’t trade my medications with friends like people do or buy medications off the streets when I’m running low. There comes a time when nothing matters but getting by on what little I have and I cant complain.
    You would be surprised what you can do without. If people who smoke just stopped smoking you would save tons of money. When I stopped drinking I found all this money in my wallet building up and it goes on food only. Times are tuff but you cant keep a good man down. I can still do 3 miles in 35 minutes, not bad for a old man.

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  5. The seniors who receive Social Security make up the MAJORITY of those who pay NO income tax. YES there is a problem, as Senator Tom Coburn, has pointed out, with so many collecting Social Security Disability benefits. Many of those collecting disability have (or purport to have) chronic pain problems. Fibromyalgia is commonly used to medically justify these benefits because of its elusive diagnosis. (I was pleased to learn from your site that a more definitive diagnosis, using diagnostic imagining, is in the works).

    But, Never-the-less, the MAJORITY of people who don’t pay taxes are children, the elderly and the disabled. Say we end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability, what will that do to Rx volume? I am not PERSONALLY inclined to bite the hand that feeds me.

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