We really love our customers?


At about 6pm on March 2nd, I came to the store to use my 20% off coupon. There was a 2ft high ridge of hard-packed snow between parking lot and the rear store entrance with a narrow cleft in the ridge of snow. I maneuvered through the cleft w/o falling and complained about the hazard as I entered and requested action be taken. Asst. Mgr. Carly ** said she needed a work order to work on the snow. I shopped and paid for almost $25 worth of items. I use a shopping cart for balance in icy conditions and noticed that the hazard was still in place and that my cart couldn’t get through the narrow cleft. After complaining again, I took their snow shovel and shoveled a path through the snow and ice after 10-15min.

When I had finished taking my purchases to my car, I went back to return the snow shovel and complained that it looked like there were at least a half-dozen prior snows in the ridge I shoveled through. As I left, Carly and another female employee walked behind me and taunted me with comments like: “Is everything ok sir?” “Did you find everything you came for?” After initially leaving, I came back in to answer their taunts and said I was going to report this to the head office. Carly at that point said: “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me. I’m calling 911! I’m getting my phone right now and calling the police!”

At that point I walked back out and went home. Less than an hour later, someone claiming to be Northville Police Officer called, apparently given my # from the CVS data files and after asking me to describe what had happened, said she was charging me with Trespassing at CVS. I wasn’t sure she was really a police officer, but I got an official Trespass Notice a few days later which said I would be arrested and prosecuted if I went to that store or its parking lot within the next year. The CVS District Mgr. Jonnie ** supported the Trespass charge and a Northville Police Captain told me there’s no due process or hearing for the accused.


Northville is an affluent city located in and divided by Oakland and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of Michigan. The area is a suburb of Metropolitan Detroit. The population was 5,970 at the 2010 census

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  1. Why not, you know, use a neighborhood independent pharmacy? I’d damn near carry you to your car if I thought you needed the help. People are amazed when I explain that their insurance co-pay is the same no matter where they have their prescription filled. Seriously, we’re out there and we’ll treat you better than the the big chains ever will.

  2. Sorry, I just don’t buy this. First, a person who needs to hold onto a cart for balance is not going to be able to get out there and shovel a wider path through 2 feet ofpacked down ice and snow. Second, I live in northern Canada, and we don’t let customers take/borrow” our snow shovel. Third, if the back entrance was not easily accessible, why not use the front one?

    All of this makes me wonder about whether this person is telling the truth about the trespassing charge and whether there was something else going on.

  3. Sounds like Carly and the female employee don’t have enough to do. Maybe instead of getting on you the customer they should get their lazy ass out there and shovel the snow out of the way so customers don’t fall.
    I often wondered how people up north deal with the snow every day. I live in Houston and have seen snow maybe 4 times. What ever happen to customer niceness and helping the customer instead of taunting them ,after all if not for the paying customers Carly would not have a job. I hope you kept your receipt and took a picture of the snow hazard with your cell phone before and after you the customer shoveled it away to keep others from falling. Stick it to them, I would.

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