Protecting Public’s Health and Safety or Selfserving ?

Indiana pharmacy board asks for investigation


From the article:

Indiana’s Professional Licensing Agency on Monday asked the inspector general and the State Ethics Commission to review the Board of Pharmacy’s approval of a new layout featuring workstations for pharmacists at Walgreens stores in Indiana.

In Indiana, the Professional Licensing Agency is basically a “umbrella” over all the professional licenses issues in Indiana.

I would suspect that the inspector general (IG) is part of the AG’s office and according to the IN website.. the State Ethics Commission is within the State Legislature and General Assembly.

Here is more detail from last week

From that article  The licensing association warned that the meeting in Chicago might violate Indiana’s open doors laws, and in a subsequent email, Wickizer reported to Walgreen officials that the board would go in two groups to avoid a quorum, which would require public notice.

Does anyone believe that side stepping  Indiana’s open door laws.. is ILLEGAL ? Anyone believe that there is going to be not much more than a “slap on the wrist” for those involved ?

And once again.. my money is on.. no one going to jail…




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