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Okemos Rite Aid Settles After Refusing Flu Shot To HIV+ Man


From the article:

The United States Justice Department has reached a settlement with a mid-Michigan Rite Aid after they refused to give an HIV positive man a flu shot.

“Erecting unfair and discriminatory barriers to medical care for people with HIV is unacceptable,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Jocelyn Samuels for the Civil Rights Division in a press release.

Under the settlement, Rite Aid must pay $10,000 to the man and $5,000 in civil penalties. They must also have to train staff on requirements of the ADA and implement an anti-discrimination policy.

Who believes that both a HIV positive pt and a chronic pain pt are not covered under the ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act)..  Many chronic pain pts are on SS/Medicare disability !!!

So if you (Pharmacists) refused to fill a legit control med prescription… are you at risk under the ADA for violating the pt’s Civil Rights ?


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