Bonnie & Clyde robbed banks because that is where the money was

Indianapolis sees four CVS Pharmacy robberies

I guess that it is too expensive to put in timed narcotic safes to prevent/discourage these robberies… or the cost of settling employees and/or customers getting harmed/killed far is less expensive than the safes. I guess that preventing their stores get robbed and controlled drugs not getting to the street… is not a high priority for CVS…

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  1. I work in Carmel (a suburb right at edge of indy) for an LTC, luckily one needs to be buzzed in as we are a’closed door’ establishment. IN has conceal and carry. We all read the articles and our conclusion is one of the days regardless on how the pharmacist cooperates, we’ll have a dead pharmacist, employees and anyone else in the store.( remember the osco muders in south bend years ago.). These guys want the drugs that bad. An independent i know quit selling oxycontin due to roberies, so who suffers…our legit pain patients.Depending on what IMPD releases to the media, maybe if the robber might know someone in the store might be carrying they’ll more than likely leave the store alone. But unfortunately the bigger bosses would rather lose employees and drugs than allow someone to quietly carry to protect themselves and others or hire armed private security ( i floated for a small chain and sometimes worked in Gary….all those stores had armed security there)We felt the robberies here were too close together to be random, had to be planned and sounded like gang Involvment.

  2. not to be too anal, but you know how us pharmacists are. it was willie sutton who said he robbed banks because that’s where the money was.

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