Another interesting phone call.. 09/20/2013

pinochelloGot a phone call last night from a Senior RPh who works in a Big Box Wholesale pharmacy. This RPH apparently one day messed up his/her password to get into the pharmacy system. Who hasn’t been there done that ???

Apparently the PIC took exception with this problem and “went off” on the RPH… and continued to “go off” on the RPH .. even left the Rx dept for a while.. and returned 1-2 hrs later.. and started “going off” on this same RPH again..

This harassment and hostile work environment issues was witnessed by several other Rx dept members.

Once all the dust has settled.. the Rx staff members were embarrassed by this episode and said that they would back the RPH with management…

The RPH took the issue to the store manager… who took it to HR…

It would seem that all the Rx dept staff that had witnessed this episode… all of a sudden developed amnesia and signed statements for HR.. that nothing really happened…

And what happened to the PIC ??… got a day off.. with or without pay… is not known.

Can anyone imagine that in these Big Box Warehouse stores that there is not a security camera that caught this hostile interaction? These Big Box Stores seems to be able to have video that shows just about anything that goes on in the stores.

Obviously, this RPh’s fellow employees .. do not have enough chutzpah to tell the truth !

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  1. I had a similar situation. This time it was coworkers who started loudly ranting and raving against me for having a talking to with a coworker who wasn’t doing their job. Everything was caught on camera. When all the workers were interviewed, everyone developed that nasty amnesia bug that’s been going around. The perpetrators were moved to other stores and I was treated like a criminal. I asked for HR to look at the cameras. Fat chance. The PIC involved ought to be ashamed of their behavior. Unfortunately, it’s these same PICs who make the staff rphs life miserable because they know they can get away with it.

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