Too Good To Be TRUE ???

Ran across this website….

CoverMyMeds® helps physicians and pharmacists complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and almost all drug plans.

suppose to be a free service ???

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  1. Big Pharma companies pay for CoverMyMeds on a drug by drug basis. They feel it may increase coverage of their “mee too” products in categories where there are numerous choices.

  2. I think Peon (previous comment) is going to need a new pharmacy service called when The Authorities find out he/she isn’t doing everything he/she can to get the medication filled.

    Kidding aside, I am curious to how something like this is funded, just like I’m curious about all these “discount” cards that “save up to 90%” (which I’ve yet to see).

    • i tried cover my meds once. they asked for a whole shitload of info that i was not able to provide. like other meds tried, why they didnt work, how long the patient had been under the providers care, etc. i went back to my standard prior auth method: fax a form to the doc and let them handle it. i tell the patient what i did and ask them to let me know if they hear anything about it. its a system that works and we still get customer love points because the process started with us.
      as far as those ‘discount’ cards go, i refuse every one. tell the patient that they are providing their name, address, phone#, date of birth, their doctor info, their drug info and anything else those data mining operations can get. the cards are not bound by any privacy or hipaa rules and on top of that, they will charge me a ‘finders fee’ for the privilege of giving the customer a discount. no thanks.

  3. We have PA’s and now we need a company to handle them for us? I have no problem with PA’s. Why? I simply tell the patient that the insurance is refusing to pay and requiring a PA and they will have to contact their doctor. It is not my job to take care of patients problems with insurance when the insurance is refusing to pay. I know a lot of pharmacists contact the physician for the patient. I don’t. I see that as being outside my function as a pharmacist.

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