The survey made a impact ?


“We all got an email to participate in the second annual Oregon pharmacists survey. NO ONE I KNOW has responded to it. It took like 10 minutes. Two years ago, we had very small turnout of answering the survey, yet it led to changes in break and lunch rules.

It’s like pharmacists have been so cowed into a corner with an attitude of “I just have to get by!” that they refuse to look and react together as colleagues.”

Oregon’s BOP took the lead a couple of years ago and sent out a survey of RPH’s of various work environment issues.. here is one of newspaper articles back then

The Oregon BOP even got an award from the NABP for its positive actions toward public safety

June 12, 2014 — The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy is the 2013 recipient of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Fred T. Mahaffey Award which was presented during NABP’s 109th Annual Meeting and Conference in St. Louis on May 21. This is the second time Oregon has received the award. The Mahaffey award is granted to recognize a member board of pharmacy that has made a substantial contribution to the protection of the public health and welfare through the enforcement of state and federal laws and regulations. It is the Association’s highest honor for a state board of pharmacy.

Of course, there has been little/no actions by the other BOP’s in the same direction… It would appear from the above Oregon RPH’s… chain management has taken a fairly dim view of the outcomes of the previous survey..

Maybe, the Oregon BOP.. should make doing the survey mandatory to renew their license… but.. then .. it would appear that the RPH’s may misrepresent the facts/truth.. to keep from being singled out by management as not being “part of the corporate program”…



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  1. I wish I lived in Oregon. I would certainly fill out the survey. I expect it is anonymous and the pharmacists employers would never know what they entered on the form. So, why are so many pharmacists not filling out the survey? Maybe it is like everything else..pharmacists are complacent. Pharmacists are the most apathetic bunch of people that I have ever seen.

    • I am the rph he’s referring to. It’s shocking how little my colleagues here care about the direction of pharmacy or even their own personal stress, not to mention patient safety and personal accountability. Complacent and weak.

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