Thanks to all my readers

July 2013 proved to be the month with the largest number  of page views – EVER  .. for my blog..

In looking back to the numbers for July , 2012.. this July’s page views were THREE TIMES a year ago..

In looking back.. I really started to routinely posting in Sept ,2011 about the same time that I agreed to be National Public Relation Director for The Pharmacy Alliance.. a total of more than 700 posts in the ensuing time..

I have tried to provoke thought… let RPH’s realize that you are not alone… , inject a little humor along the way and pretty irreverent most days.

I have never worked for any of the “BIG BOYS”.. so it is nearly impossible that it  can be claimed that I am a “disgruntled employee”.. In fact, all the drug stores/pharmacies that I worked for before I opened my own pharmacy .. no longer exists…


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