Systemic corruption ?

Prosecutors: Walgreens had lax control over prescription painkillers

From the Article:

The settlement is the largest sum ever paid by a pharmacy chain in the United States and came about as a result of probes into Walgreen Co. pharmacies in Long Island, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, and other parts of the country, the release said …

Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co. agreed to stop six of its pharmacies and one of its distribution centers from distributing certain addictive drugs for two years, prosecutors said.

For those chronic pain pts.. having trouble getting their needed medications… now you know who is – perhaps – at least partially to blame..

Could .. according to WAGS In a statement released in June, Walgreen Co. said, “As the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S.,

Could also be one of largest supplier of legal drugs .. getting diverted to the street ?

There is a old saying up on “the hill”… horror stories don’t make good policy… but they do make policy …”

 Just like Sanford, Fl.. there is nothing stated publically about the RPH’s that worked in these stores.. Are the BOP’s being remiss in doing their jobs – like the MA BOP and that mess at NECC.. or is it common knowledge that the RPH’s working at these stores were under such pressure from management to fill more and more Rx.. to “make their numbers” .. that Rxs  were to be fill… just about anything that comes thru the front door and the BOP’s are giving these RPH’s a pass ?


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  1. Channel.13 WTHR indpls investigates does story on Walgreens ‘new controlled substance filling policy’ 7/23/13. Talked to patients and how it affected them.

  2. Nice, Wags and CVS have executives previously from the BOP or perhaps still ‘work’ there.

  3. For quite some time Walgreens was the only 24 hour pharmacy in my area and they did not accept our insurance.

    This put quite a wrench in our lives with just antibiotics! No, I’m not peddling my kids antibiotics Walgreens and especially not at 2am.

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