Settlement thrown out for TH pharmacist

A Pharmacist is “racked over the coals” for filling a few Rx from out of state docs..  Where I live… in a metro area that covered two different states… people bringing Rxs from “out of state” doc are a very common thing.. except this Rph filled Rxs for OXYCODONE… otherwise.. this happens all the time in this state… because the state borders many major cities in other states.  Are we talking about discriminatory prosecution here ?

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  1. My question is whether the pharmacists in Indiana are allowed to fill rx’s for controlled drugs in Indiana? If so, then what is the problem? Unless the board specifically states that Indiana pharmacists cannot fill controlled rx from out of state, then the pharmacist is within the law. This whole matter of pharmacists being persecuted for filling rx’s to patients, which may or may not be drug abusers, has gotten completely out of hand. Valid rx means that the doc wrote the rx and has a valid DEA number. If the doc has a valid DEA number, then it should be the responsibility of the DEA to make sure he is practicing medicine as he should. It should not rest on the pharmacist to try and make the determination. If the DEA cannot do their job, then they need to stay out of ‘hair’.

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