Out of the ashes


Back in May… this newly opened independent pharmacy was robbed … the owner/pharmacist and a customer was shot and killed during a robbery…

The store recently reopened.. with the RPH’s wife being the store manager and a new RPH’s hired on..

Another incident that the government’s war on drugs… and one person’s addictive personality who got themselves “hooked” on some opiates.. instead of helping these poor souls.. they are forced to do desperate things. I wonder if the families of these two slain men… wished the government spent resource to  help those with additive personalities.. to deal with their demons … rather  spending (wasting)  money  tightening the noose around everyone’s neck.. those that have a legit medical necessity and those that have fallen prey to their addictive personalities.

I find it hard to believe that all the legal fees and the cost of jailing this fellow.. is cheaper than the therapy that may have prevented this terrible incident…

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  1. You might say it is another example of the DEA’s failure in the ‘War on Drugs’. But, why would anyone expect the DEA to succeed. If they succeeded, that would put them ‘out of business’. They have to keep the war going so they continue to keep their jobs and the money flowing from Congress to them. And, look at all the money they get from property confiscated in the drug raids. If there was no longer this flow of illicit drugs, that would cut off their avenue of money too. The tax payers get ‘screwed’ in a number of ways. Their tax money goes to fund the DEA and then tax money goes to incarcerate all those druggies and drug dealers. The prisons are full of people that were arrested because of something related to drugs.

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