Look… they are going to start observing OBRA 90 !

This is on Rite Aid’s website … their new Wellness65 program


From the Website:

FREE Pharmacist Consultation

Every wellness65+ member has the opportunity to receive a consultation with a pharmacist. The consultation will include a review of:

  • Your Medications
  • Your Immunization Needs
  • Free Pharmacy Services
  • Free Blood Pressure Screening
  • Medicare Part D Questions

If I remember correctly… of course, it was twenty + years go… memory isn’t what it use to be … Mandatory consultations for prescriptions became MANDATORY  when OBRA 90 was implemented.

Is Rite Aid.. just that slow about implementing regulations …and wasn’t the mandate  for EVERYONE .. just not those  65+ ?

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  1. Key words driving this innovative marketing ploy : FREE!

    Why, here I was thinking that we could STILL catch up on the weekend. Even if staff has been reduced to 1 Pharmacist (now expected to cover front end managers break!), 1 technician, and no cashier. And give shots and…..

    As if Saturday and Sunday are not a ready “They’re not busy! Great time to chat about my bowels, what Dr Oz said, and the cost of Obama care!”. Now it’s FREE!

    I expect them to offer Casino Tour buses for Happy Ending Massage next. Maybe complimentary colostomy bag changes. FREE!

  2. The corporate heads of Rite Aid just thought this up and decided it was a good idea to lure seniors into their stores. They do not know about OBRA 90.

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