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  1. […] If you have been denied care because of Narxcare or other nebulous reasons – here is your chance t… […]

  2. Sent.

  3. Here the whole Aurora Chain of hospitals has just declared ‘opiates do not work for chronic pain’…

    Either we let Senators and Judges and Congressmen and Presidents and Vice-Presidents and First Ladies and Governors and Mayors and Journalists and Property Owners practice Medicine without a License without a STANDARD OF CARE or we only let Doctor’s of Medicine with a License and are answerable to a Standard of CARE practice Medicine – but not both. Within the word Standard we see the word Stand. OR ARE there no more “standards of care”? Are we doing standards of care anymore or not?

    This is where I feel a good team of attorneys could break up gov in health care and Gov Cuomo types in one punch.

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