Is our members of Congress really paying attention to the wants/needs of our citizens ?

For those of you who have not been following the things in/around BIG TECH….there is a law that is referred to as SECTION 230, which basically prohibit big tech (Amazon, Google, Face Book, Twitter) from being sued for what is posted on their websites, unlike newspapers and magazines.  After the “dust up” on the capital last week, those big tech companies decided to terminal a number of accounts including President Trump, a group called WALKAWAY, a whole litany of some very known and powerful people.  There is a alternative website to that is a competitor to twitter.   President Trump and thousands of other people – including myself – dropped off Twitter and opened an account on PARLER – actually I have had an account on that website for a few months…  It appears that the “big boys” at the BIG TECH companies was not happy with this…  Apple & Android took the PARLER app off their app store. and a couple of days later, Amazon which is where PARLER had hired Amazon Web Services (CLOUD) as to where PARLER’s system/data storage was located. Amazon decided that they no longer wish to have PARLER on their web service and they gave PARLER a 24 hr notice to transfer their data off of their Cloud and then they pulled the plug…  At last word, every entity in the BIG TECH part of the world, is treating PARLER like they have leprosy. A company that is estimated to be worth a BILLION DOLLARS the “little boys” in BIG TECH… IMO – COLLUDED to get rid of some competition and get back at some politicians whose beliefs did not sync up with those “little boys”

After the vote of Congress last week, that challenged the outcome of the Nov election… a large number of companies announced publicly that they are cutting off their financial contribution to those same member of Congress we don’t know how many are going to do the same thing only why hiding in the shadows. For those of you in the community believes that the members of Congress who are suppose to represent you… are really representing those who contribute large sums of money to members of  Congress.  It is claimed that lobbyists spend 9+ million/day to try and influence the 535 members of Congress.  One can only come to the conclusion that those who pay lobbyist must believe that they are getting their money’s worth from Congress.

I wrote my Senators and Representative in DC…  about repealing section 230.  Rick Scott is the first response I got.  A letter explaining the outcomes of the recent ELECTIONS and the “dust up” at the capital last week…  NOT ONE WORD about SECTION 230 in Senator Scott’s letter. So is Senator Scott’s not well trained or since Scott is a Republican and those “little boys” in silicon valley gave NINE OUR OF EVERY TEN DOLLARS in the last election to DEMOCRATS campaign coffers ?

Those of you in the community who think that politics have no business in the community… IMO… are really not paying attention. Recently Senator Eliz Warren and four of her colleagues did a press release about a bill that they intend to introduce that would INTERFERE with chronic painers getting their pain medications.  Apparently, they are intending to stop the fabricated “opiate crisis” by denying chronic pain pts their necessary medications.   NO POLITICS INVOLVED HERE !

Dear Mr. Ariens,


          Thank you for contacting me regarding the 2020 presidential election. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

          On January 6, 2021, the United States Congress convened in a Joint Session to count the states’ electoral votes for president and vice president. What transpired that day, as criminals and thugs stormed the United States Capitol, was disgraceful and un-American. It is not what our country stands for. Those responsible for inciting violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must always strive to protect our nation and the peaceful preservation of our rights, and we will never accept violence.

          I am eternally grateful for Capitol Police and all responding law enforcement officers for their tireless service. Their efforts kept us safe and allowed Congress to return the same evening to finish our work to finalize the electoral count for the 2020 election.

          Throughout the proceedings, I listened to all of the objections that were raised and the evidence and arguments that were presented on both sides. I heard from constituents across Florida and across the country and I’ve listened to their concerns about the way this election was carried out. I share many of their concerns.

          Specifically, the situation in Pennsylvania was of particular concern to me. The actions of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Administration and the courts in Pennsylvania pose a serious threat to the integrity of future elections. The Governor of Pennsylvania, along with state courts, made a decision to allow votes to be counted that came in after Election Day, even if they did not have a postmark, in defiance of state law. This is absurd, and cannot be tolerated. It also appears that Pennsylvania enacted policies in direct conflict with its own state constitution, which is also unacceptable. We simply cannot tolerate partisan political attempts to change the rules and tip the scales in our elections. In October, Supreme Court Justices Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas warned that the reckless actions of Pennsylvania’s Governor and Secretary of State might result in ‘serious post-election problems’ and they were right. Both of these matters are still pending at the United States Supreme Court. I voted to sustain the objection to Pennsylvania’s slate of electors because these important constitutional questions are still unresolved.

          This election has shown us that we need major reforms to our electoral system and that is why I proposed the Verifiable, Orderly, & Timely Election Results (VOTER) Act, which would address systemic problems in voting systems across the country and rebuild trust in our electoral process. It would mandate Voter ID in every state, institute measures to ensure timely results and create uniform national standards for voting by mail. I believe it is a strong path forward to prevent a repeat of the 2020 election and ensure Americans have faith in free and fair elections.

          Voting is fundamental to our democracy, and it is a sacred right that we must protect and cherish. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to get this legislation passed and ensure smooth and secure elections.

          Again, thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns. I am proud to represent all Floridians.


Rick Scott
United States Senator



You can follow my work in the U.S. Senate on Twitter. Additionally, please do not reply to this email as this mailbox unfortunately is for outgoing messages only. If you would like to contact me again, please visit my website.

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  2. These idiots who do not belong in our health care have no idea how many people are suffering..If they try to lessen the little bit of pain meds available now, Jan 6th will look like a little brush fire that was put out with a foot They just keep on pushing an pushing.what do they think people are going to do? Take an aspirin? BIDEN was right about one thing…Its gonna be a very dark few months coming up if they keep on “pushing” It is not going to be pretty

    • Keep On Pushing What ?

      • The Section 230 is what has allowed the “little boys” that are in charge of BIG TECH in Silicon Valley and section 230 was suppose to protect them from censoring posting on their various web formats… My Senator Rick Scott’s office responded to my letter about revoking section 230 and he did respond with a email talking ENTIRELY about the ELECTION and no mention of section 230… I sent the same email to Mario Rubio and got a response about his understanding about the problems with section 230. I strongly suspect that both offices uses ancillary staff to handle correspondence from constituents. IMO, Rich Scott’s staff has been poorly trained – or not trained at all, but because of all the flack on the election they were sending out a form email and really not paying any attention to the context of the constituents’ correspondence. How can legislators represent their constituents if they are clueless of what is being sent to their office ?

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