looking for patients who have experienced delays in getting their mail order meds

I’m  ( loretta@uniteforsafemedications.com ) looking for patients who have experienced delays in one of the areas listed below and who would be willing to share their stories with a TV News reporter. Send an email to loretta@uniteforsafemedications.com
Memphis, TN
Areas west of Memphis over to Jackson, TN and up to Dyersburg
Counties such as Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Crockett, Lauderdale, Tipton, Dyer, Obion and others
-Arkansas (basically over to Jonesboro and any areas in Northeast Arkansas)
West Memphis/Crittenden Co
Forrest City
-Mississippi (all of northwest Mississippi and border Desoto County/ basically everything north of Jackson, MS)
Desoto Co (Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake)
Tate Co
Panola Co
Marshall County
Tupelo, MS
Oxford, MS
Parts of the MS Delta

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  1. This is happening to Florida patients as well. Been happening for several years for patients who are forced to use CVS Caremark. CVS PBM tohas monopolized the pharmacy industry. Express scripts is right beside them. Did you know there’s NO one working at the mail order pharmacies that have any education in healthcare Except the pharmacist? And good luck being able to speak them. I called for my son to find out why medications are always late. I went all the up the chain of command past the supervisors. I asked each one if they had any medical education and got the answer NO. So for those using this mail order option the people working at CVS do not understand medicines or how dangerous it is to be abruptly stopped on many meds. I was totally shocked and can’t believe that this is how our pharmacy insurance- part D is being handled by an ordinary Joe or Jane at the CVS pharmacy mail ordering facilities. It’s disgusting. I’m sure all the others are ran the same way.

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