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Folks I’ve been speaking to this guy,

Greer Brigham

, and he seems to be on the up and up. Although reporters have screwed us over in the past maybe give this guy a chance and see what becomes of his article.

Please understand, I offer no promises as for all I know he is just another troll so please use common sense in talking with him. Also, make damned certain everything you share can be backed up with FACTS. It is only with TRUTH that these asinine policies will be exposed.

Greer Brigham
I am a journalist affiliated with Brown University, and I’ve spent the last year covering the impact of the VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative on veterans. My article highlights new data showing a very sharp spike in street drug and suicide deaths for those that lost their opioid prescriptions under the VA initiative.
While I have the data, I believe it’s equally important to share some of the faces and stories of people who were affected. If you are a friend or family member of a veteran who has passed away as a result of these VA cuts to opioid prescriptions — or know of others who may be open to speaking with me — please send me a message. Thank you.

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  1. Steve, the first things he can easily confirm is the 17 Veterans who have committed suicide on VA hospital grounds which may be more now, Robert will know, that were refused treatment. And they started by taking their PTSD meds, then pain meds, then Fioricet for migraines for TBI. Forcing our Veterans to now choose to die twice for our country. My own Uncle Full Bird Colonel James Leister after 28 years of service, POW for 3 mos in Vietnam & got all his men left alive out of that torture chamber, went into a VA hospital in Michigan & was being charged $7000 for one bed in a 4 bed room with no air conditioning. If this is how they treat the Brass, God help the Ground pounders. He was in his 80’s & they started morphine on him and he was gone in less than 24 hours. He never took pain meds. They knew it would depress his respiration & kill him. Save the Army that dandy Pension. The more of us disabled CPP’S & disabled Veterans they can drive to killing themselves the more future benefits they keep. And Covid-19 has now conveniently taken another over 300,000 peoples future benefits. I see a nasty pattern here at our fellow Americans expense. I am ashamed of the way our debilitated Americans have & are being treated. Love you, Joni Rene’ Bruce, LPN-HHN CPP SSA Legal Advocate (I am 16 for 16)

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