I am getting out of this mess !

After listening today of many persons on TV that has had their Twitter, FB, and instagram account censored, suspended or cancelled… https://www.simonandschuster.com/ cancelled a book of a member of Congress that was suppose to be published in June over his support the challenge in Congress two days ago over the last Presidential election.

Our first Amendment right to “freedom of speech” only applies to the government, private businesses can do what they want.  Of course, people have the freedom of choice to continue to patronize any such business.

I heard on TV today, a person that works for a mutual fund that had his rather benign post censored and he is cancelling his FB & Twitter accounts. Another commentator on Fox cable – a former secret service agent – stated that he is cancelling his FB & Twitter account and moving over to https://www.parler.com

It has also been stated that these same websites have closed President Trump’s account till at least until Jan 21,2021 and a number of other Trump websites have been taken off line by someone – maybe his ISP. It was just announced on TV that TWITTER has PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED PRESIDENT TRUMP”S ACCOUNT.

Parler is suppose to be a more open/uncensored webpage that is suppose to work like Facebook…  I have had my own Parler account that I opened a month or two ago because I saw this coming.

None of us know how many “common folks” are doing the same things… but … I am keeping my future posting to this blog… I own the domain and I would hope that the ISP that I pay to have this domain doesn’t decide to get into censorship.

I am not going to delete my FB or twitter accounts, but they are going to become stagnant …. there is a lot of valuable information for chronic painers on those sites.

It has become obvious that there were numerous closeted RINO Trump haters that are now coming out of the woodwork and they are circling the white house like hungry vultures. They no longer have to create descent in the shadows. Pelosi seemingly the LEAD VULTURE !

They are even trying to pull the 25th Amendment on him… declaring him incompetent .. that that we may not be able to run for an elected office again.

The chronic pain community continues to become more and more divided… one of my favorite things to do is go into FB notifications to find the same post , graphic or video posted on a dozen or more FB pages. If nothing else, it clearly demonstrates how divided the community is.

History has suggested that the community suffers the most when there is a person in power, that has a friend/relative that is a substance abuser or died from a drug overdose… and that describes our incoming President and our VP has been reported when she was a AG of CALF… was a hard ass on substance abuser – especially MJ… So one again we have TWO ATTORNEYS at the head of the administration… throw in a third attorney as AG… and generally attorneys are mostly interested in enforcing the laws and the Controlled Substance Act is still out there since 1970..

IMO, the community has come to a “fork in the road” and either need to create alliances with other non profit groups dealing with chronic health issues who are being restricted in getting their necessary medications… or they need to get ready to accept whatever this new administration is going to shove down your throat.. and it won’t be anything to help you pain.

Here is the gist of the mind set behind the new administration…. do any of you in the community get a idea of where you stand in the future ?

While I was making this post… this video popped up …  I would like those “boys” out in SILICON VALLEY … are apparently trying to impose their opinion(s) on a competitor and apparently are seeking law firms to run their competitors out of business.  This fellow is the one that announced today on Fox cable that he was closing his FB or Twitter account..

Right now this video is on FB, but I have saved it to my hard drive… and they can’t take it from my computer and I own this web domain.

There is a old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”… there are some in the community that believes that we need to create a  “US vs THEM” with those who have mental health issues resulting in substance abuse. Those who have fueled the war on pt/drugs have been pushing the idea since 1970 that Rx opiates creates addicts.  The community can present the DOJ/DEA with all the facts that is contrary to “their facts” that align with their agenda.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where it is going to get you.

I have been a damn good prognosticator in my adult life – started around late 20’s – early 30’s… when I started to really started paying attention to the world around me…  I have created several businesses and after 20 years was physically/mentally exhausted and sold out those businesses and retire at 49.  This new administration scares the crap out of me… it especially scares me for those in the community.  Everyone needs to pay attention to Biden, Harris, Pelosi & Chuck Schumer and maybe AOC/Squad talk and they use the word CONTROL  or INCREASED/NEW REGULATIONS. As Schumer stated in the video “CHANGE THE COUNTRY”… they can only change the country thru NEW REGULATIONS.  Boys and Girls, this administration will attempt to solve the opiate crisis by cutting controlled substances to one pt at a time that needs a controlled med to treat their health issues.  I don’t know if it will some sort of MME daily limits or DEA production quota reduction or BOTH.  Remember a <D> controlled Congress passed the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 – which created the “black drug market” and it was a <D> controlled Congress that passed the Controlled Substance Act 1970 and it was a <D> controlled Congress that failed to renew the DECADE OF PAIN LAW 2000 (passed by a <R> controlled Congress) when it expired in 2009.  History would suggest that they could care less about the community ! It was also <D> in the Congress who STRONGLY OBJECTED to the Medicare part D law – that in 2006 started to provide Medicare folks prescription coverage after 41 years of Medicare not providing any coverage.

I am taking a few steps back… I have been blogging for 9 years… and while they may be more people advocating… they are divided among hundreds or thousands of FB pages, Tweets or other places.  I will be monitoring the various FB/twitter feed and will be posting a link to this post as a “answer” for abt the next 30 days.

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  1. Steve If you could let me no what these people in Georgia were thinking about by destroying the next 2 years,can you fill me in? I cannot believe how DUMB Americans have become over last 12 years..We finally had a President although annoying at times, he was still for AMERICA FIRST!! I could live with his idiotic statements,if it meant protecting the USA and not going to WAR for the purpose of idiots on the left.. I hope this doesnt get any uglier than what happen at the Capital but these idiots in power now are going to DESTROY American life.. I think there is more to come Not in riots like the few who embedded themselves as “TRUMP” supporters, im hoping arrests are going to happen soon And it will start with BIDEN,PELOSI SCUMER and the rest

    • my understanding is that the two candidates were running ads and stating at rallies that they would vote for the $2000 COVID-19 checks… of course, no appears to be smart enough that any bill about giving out $2000 start in the House… so unless Pelosi bring a bill to the floor in the house to be voted on… those two freshman senators won’t have anything to vote on. Senate Manchin WV has stated that he is not going along with a lot of the left’s radical policies… so the majority may be basically a mirage

  2. Steve, you are going to post on MeWe aren’t you? Move to MeWe too!

  3. Yep. Twitter suspended me for sharing the video of the nurse who developed Bell’s palsy after receiving the vaccine. Then I was suspended again for simply posting that Twitter suspended me for that reason. And, yes, this new administration scares the bejeezus out of me. There so much corruption going on. It disgusts me. Steve, I found you on Parler. Thanks so much!

  4. I could not disagree more. Please educate yourselves with the real facts. Insurrection, sedition, hate and violence are NOT ok.

    • Kim, I could not agree more. Did you stand up this summer when blm and antifa were burning, looting and murdering a lot of America? I believe that would qualify as insurrection, hate, sedition (conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.) and most definitely violence. How about when someone in the wrong hat got caught and murdered in Portland? And against the senseless murder of police called to 911 situations or merely writing up paperwork in their car and were murdered? I am pretty sure you did, just as I did. President Trump NEVER called for violence. You SEEM EDUCATED with facts…unless they are only liberal facts and this is the first time you have spoken up. I am against violence too. All violence.

  5. Steve, this is the result of people, adults/children that treated this election as a ” popularity ” context. Its easy to see it in people’s responses all over the internet. I cant tell you the disappointment I have when they respond “our guy won”, then you have the ” orange” man bad from the party of ” unity”. These adult/children did not void for policies and or agendas, they voted for who was more important for ” them” to get the most Like buttons and do not concern themselves for the country, their most important leader ( news) has spoken and told them what to do.
    It won’t take long for all conservatives to lose their platforms, it took less then 24 hrs from January 6 2021 for them to jump into action in ti silencing the sitting United States President just think what they can silence in 3 months to year.
    This election wasn’t about a man , it was about American values the American peoples, and if you can’t vote for freedom and the constitution ( something they do ecnore,) then you do not see America any longer you see a cat walk.

  6. I hope those of us subscribed will still be getting announcements by email. I hate to see things change so rapidly. This is scaring the crap out of me too. Your commentary is treasured.

    BTW, Parlor is under attack too. Evidently Apple has announced they will not have the app unless moderation is commenced. (read censorship.)

    With the change in administration, there will be no incentive to repeal section 230. Maybe they will be the new “State Media.” Pretty much they are now.

  7. Steve. I am really saddened by this news but I definitely understand it. Our rights- real or otherwise are virtually non-existant and we are being punished, censored, and called a racist- conspiracy theorist, and far worse ….. because we have the ability to think for ourselves and make rational, educated decisions. Because we are capable of interpretation of all Information, videos( actual vs altered), because we refuse to stick our heads in the sand, and regurgitate the false narrative.
    This whole thing is incredibly disturbing! Possibly because the CPP community has been dealing with so much x
    Suppression, discrimination and the inability of being heard by those who are supposed to be working for us. Representing us and our needs ss a collective of constituents… and not full filing a bank account, personal agenda, or a deeper, more sinister purpose.
    I am not a conspiracy theorist but things are getting rather hard to see any other reason for the events that are unfolding and the current environment.
    I never wanted to believe what I have been seeing but after so many big tech, personally owned and operated sites have now been shut down because freedom of speech, free thinkers and thought provoking posts vs one decision/the same decision and no freedom of thought, speech or freedom of deciding what is best for us medically . Because we can and do think for ourselves… sites, posts and all other things related to our privacy, voting preferences and medical choices.. are being shut down.
    I shouldn’t be surprised by this at all because I saw the writing on the wall with the initial cdc guidelines for opioids and the monopoly, degradation, discrimination and biased information that was based upon a monopoly of false narratives, personal gains and unethical statements and the follow through of something that was listed as a GUIDELINE, written without any formal experience with cpp’s and had a personal, financial and undeclared financial motivation for stating what was stated. What is even worse is that the CDC CANNOT MAKE LAWS. THIS WAS NOT A LAW; YET, doctors have been arrested, harassed, lost their means of providing for themselves and their patients. Mass suicides because of untreated pain and health issues.
    The lack of empathy and respect. The fact that our voices have not been heard by anyone but a handful of compassionate, caring individuals who are risking everything that they’ve worked for.

    I want to thank each of you who are in this category and that Includes you Steve!

    The environment that we are currently facing is, imo not going to improve soon…. if at all.

    Thank you very much for your compassion, empathy and all of your hard work and dedication. It has definitely not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

    After already facing a terminal diagnosis and now having another diagnosis that I am just not sure that my body is strong enough to withstand… and the lack of pain control and the current situation that we’re all facing..
    I believe that I too will be signing off.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for everything you have been doing.

    • My/this blog is going to stay active… my phone number and email are listed on the first page. I am just going to continue focusing my energy on my blog and quit screwing around FB & Twitter just waiting for them to cut me off.. I own the domain my blog is on and been with the same ISP for about 15 yrs. Unless they decide to lose business and start running people who pay them for having a domain on their network… I feel pretty safe. Those “boys” in silicon valley have just pocketed too much money… if Congress decides to repeal section 230… the “boys” in silicon valley will have to live with a whole new set of rules

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